Friday, May 13, 2011

Review: Revlon Colorsilk in Dark Auburn ♪♪♪

Two months ago, I shifted from my usual Auburn Brown hair color (Revlon No. 49) to Dark Auburn (Revlon No. 31) just to spruce up my hair a bit.

I've mentioned before that what I love about Revlon is its ability to saturate the hair completely and produce a multi-toned effect in contrast to some of the brands I've used before. Its Php 394.75 price tag, although higher than some, is still more affordable than L'Oreal, but is as effective.

Indoors, the color doesn't look that much prominent.

But when I step outside, my hair literally turns into a different hue! Rusty brown, that's what it is. If that's what you're going for, then this color might be the one for you.

To learn more on how to apply the product please click HERE.

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  1. hi! how many box did you us for that matter? thanks! :)

  2. hi xiena! i ust used one....tnx for the visit!

  3. which one do you think is better, the auburn brown or the dark auburn? :D

  4. hi Xiena! it really depends on what type of look you're striving for. i think that dark auburn has a more pronounced red undertone than the auburn brown though...

  5. Hello! I just bought the exact same brand and shade would be my first time to dye hair. Are there any tips that you could give po? I'm afraid that it wouldnt turn out like the one shown at the back since I have black hair. Thanks in advance! :)

  6. Hi how long did you leave the dye on before you washed it?

  7. hi kaye,
    when you dye is your hair from black or from blonde.?