Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quiet Anticipation: Timeless Confection Singapore & Kuala Lumpur Travel Diaries

Five months is such a long wait! For now, I have to satiate my longing for SG and KL by basking in some of my friends' lovely photos.

It will be really awesome to see Universal Studios for the very first time. Now that Tutapel is a year older since our Hong Kong Disneyland visit, I'm positive that he will be more interested in exploring the theme park than ever before.

At HK Disneyland, he showed more enthusiasm towards Mickey's bucket...

than the Disney characters themselves! 

Even Pluto and Goofy were snubbed! Times have changed though. Now, he loves Mickey Mouse and the other Clubhouse characters so much that all he ever watches are the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CDs! I'm not complaining though. After all, he learned his numbers, colors and alphabet from the friendly Disney gang.

                                                My HK Disneyland Haul

At the back of my mind, I'm hoping that I can find some interesting yet affordable trinkets from the Universal Studios Store too.

I simply can't wait to taste their durian which according to my dear friend Mars Haze comes in an array of spectacular flavors!

Words couldn't even express how much I'm craving for those empanada-like and lumpia-inspired goodies! Those egg tarts look so yummylicious and strike a strong resemblance to the egg tarts I've tasted in Macau! 

After spending a few days in Singapore, the family will fly to Kuala LumpurDo you know how much I 'm craving for those street foods right now? I can already foresee how much fun I'm going to have in KL

                                        My Ko Kei Bakery (Macau) Haul

I haven't figured out anything about their best delicacies though. But I'm sure they will be up to par with my Ko Kei haul!  

Aside from their interesting plethora of food delights, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are also known for their infamous Sasa Outlet Stores

                                                               My Sasa Hong Kong Haul
Ever since Mars Cel introduced me to Sasa, I've hoped to visit it again. It features some of the most effective yet affordable products I've ever used! I told Bala that this time around, he needs to drag me out of the store if he still wants me to go back to the Philippines. LOL.

How about you, what's your most favorite cosmetic/skin care purchase from Sasa? When it comes to delicacies and street foods in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, which one is your favorite? What is your most memorable experience in SG and KL? Would you care to share your experiences right here? Thanks in advance!

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