Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picnik Is The Best Online Photo Editor For Me!

Truth is, I'm never satisfied about my blog header and footer. I'm constantly finding ways to make them a lit bit more interesting and engaging than the previous ones. A few hours ago, I thought of making a collage of photos that best represent my blog Timeless Confection. And I have come up with this. I'd like to thank my dear friend Botski for allowing me to use her photo at the Venetian Macau. Her composition is so perfect compared to mine that's why I decided to use hers instead.

                                                                                             My New Blog Header

                                                                                         My New Blog Footer

Just in case you're wondering, I turned to Picnik to create this simple collage. What I love about this photo editor is that it's online and so easy to use! If you haven't used it before, just click this and start picniking!

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  1. I agree! I'm using it, too. Visiting back! :)

  2. hi krizza! that's good to know. love love picnik!thanks for the visit! will visit your site later.