Friday, May 20, 2011

Must Watch: Steve Green Concert In Manila

Whenever I hear Steve Green's timeless classic, The Mission, I'm always reminded that my personal, living and growing relationship with Christ is my true lifeline; and, as the song says, "the heartbeat of our mission." 

Although we express our love for Christ in a variety of ways, at the core of it, we share a common truth: The belief that our mission should constantly be "to proclaim and live the truth in Jesus' name."

Let this song plus a host of other classics be ignited anew in our hearts in Steve Green's one-of-a-kind concert on June 3, 2011, 6 PM at the Manila Hotel-Tent City. Tickets are priced at Php 500, Php 650, Php1500 and Php 2000.

PSALM, one of the ticket distributors, is offering a BUY ONE TAKE ONE FOR FREE PROMO to cash buyers from May 20 to 22 only. For more information, please call Rhoel at 0917-8374635 or 0922-8223542. 

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  1. We're planning on watching. Might see you there? Haha

  2. hi saan po b talaga ang venue? bakit sa ticket namin World Trade Center...

  3. hi anonymous!Manila Hotel po talaga ang new venue.Nalipat po from World Trade Center. Thank you!

  4. hi! we already have tickets. pero sayang yung buy one free one offer ng psalm. i should have seen your blog much earlier...

    looking forward to a special night of music with steve green!


  5. I've been looking for reviews on the concert since I couldn't go. How was it?


  6. @aravis

    we went to steve green concert, june 3. it was wonderful! gates opened at 6pm, medyo maluwag pa seating. at around 6:45, people came in droves. sinabayan pa ng malakas na ulan, which failed to hinder the concert-goers anyway. when the lights were turned off to signal the concert proper, all seats were already taken. many were even seated on the aisles. in short, manila hotel tent city was jampacked! but the crowd was generally behaved and simply excited.

    steve was great! he sang his old and hit songs -- find us faithful, broken & spilled out, we believe, God & God alone, people need the Lord, i can see, symphony of praise... the list goes on! the crowd was in awe with his every rendition.

    his voice didn't seem to change. it was powerful particularly at high notes. steve may have aged a bit, but his warmth & sincerity remained resonant in his songs.

    he also gave little "preachings" on God's Word every now and then, which added more value to the event.

    the coro cantabile performed well too!

    like any concerts, there were a few hitches with the organizers, but these were eclipsed by steve green's commanding presence that kept the audience wowed and glued to the stage till the concert's end at 9:45pm.

    it was a night of heavenly music by a godly singer.. a rare opportunity. to God be the glory!


  7. hi saan po b talaga ang venue? bakit sa ticket namin World Trade Center...