Monday, May 2, 2011

Must Watch: Every Singaporean Son on the National Geographic Channel (With Airing Schedule)

These days both Tutapel and myself  are humming the same tune. "Ayo, ayo, ay, ay, yo-a..." You can call it our LSS or Last Song Syndrome. It all started when we watched this...

Riveting...astonishing...amazing. These are just some of the words I can think of to describe this particular documentary.

Now do you believe me? I didn't know that even Singapore requires its male population to undergo the same military training being implemented  by South Korea. Come to think of it, such military training might very well be a rite of passage not just for these boys but for the "nation" in general. When Channel News Asia covered  Lee Kuan Yew at the Orange Ribbon Celebrations in July 2009, he said, "Are we a nation yet? I will not say we are. We're in transition." You can read the rest of it right HERE.

Many believe that training these boys to fight for Singapore, is most definitely the first step toward the achievement of full-time nationhood. A step not just focused on teaching them discipline and the fundamentals of military combat; but, more so developing in them, a deep love for their country. Learn more about it by watching Every Singaporean Son on the National Geographic Channel during the following time skeds:

8:50-9:45 AM; 12:30-1:25 PM; 8-9 PM

8:50-9:45 AM; 12:30-1:25 PM;9-10 PM

8:50-9:45 AM; 12:30-1:25 PM; 3:15-6PM; 8 PM-12 MN 

12 AM- 2AM; 7-8 PM

Happy watching!

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