Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Blooming of the Lotus Flower Tea (As Featured in Boys Over Flowers)

To be honest, I'm really fond of teas, most especially herbal ones without a tinge of caffeine. But during the day, I turn to caffeinated herbal variants to perk me up a bit.

I still remember that when I saw Geum Jandi drank this very interesting lotus flower tea in Episode 14 of the Korean hit drama Boys over Flowers, I told myself that I should get a similar one during a visit to Hong Kong and Macau

I tried hard looking for this particular tea despite the language barrier; but sadly, I wasn't able to find one. 

Imagine my surprise when my dear friend Momsie Ruthie offered this tea during our much anticipated fellowship with Twinnie Corex and Triplet Botski.

I got so excited when she put one into the cup of hot water to begin the 3 minute steeping process.

As you can see from my friends' facial expressions that we were all anticipating the tea's blooming!

Slowly, the tea started to open up a bit.

We simply couldn't take our eyes off the cups lest we miss the whole thing.

And then, it began to unfold right before our very eyes!

Until the flower tea revealed itself in all its splendor after 3 minutes or so. This particular tea has a light hue, delicate fragrance and pleasant taste. It is worth noting that many cultures believe that the lotus tea could soothe certain ailments, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and promote general health and well-being. I've always known that witnessing the lotus flower tea's blooming will be truly worthwhile. What made it really memorable was when I shared this special time with my BFFs! 

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  1. Galing! Ako rin gusto ko ng lotus flower tea...hay naku ate, kapag stressed ako nanonood ako ng BOF, kahit ilang beses ko ng napanood:-)

  2. hello Ruy_upoumdc! promise, nakakatuwa panoorin ang pag-bloom niya. pareho tayo. I've got to go, manonood na rin ako ng BOF ngayon. hihihihi.