Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teaser: Japanese Calligraphy At Home

Believe it or not, I turn to Japanese Calligraphy when I want to unwind yet find meaningful reflections about  life. It takes patience, persistence and a passion for details to pursue this art form.

Thank goodness I still have my tools from our Calligraphy Class in Tokyo held several years ago to help me make the most of  my one-of-a-kind hobby. Although my calligraphy looks more like doodles than the real thing, I still pursue it because I find myself a better person because of it.

Find out more about it in this month's Timeless Confection.

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  1. Hi! I am looking for a Japanese calligrapher for my daughter's party. Would you be interested?

  2. Hi Jackie! Wow! I'm sorry; but I'm doing it just for fan though. I'm not really an expert in every sense of the word. :) Hope you can find a really good one, though...Have a blast during the party! Please greet her for me, okay?