Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Miss Tangerine Soda Tint & Juicy Pop Tube by Etude House ♪♪

Ever since I saw Dara Park's Miss Tangerine commercial, I can't help but wish I could look half as good as her when I do put on the same lippie.

This is how I usually look like without any lipstick on. But as you can see, I did prep my skin by putting on BB cream, powder, and just a hint of color on my cheeks to welcome my newest lip color.

I bought the Miss Tangerine Soda Tint by Etude House a week ago to pacify my craving for the Miss Tangerine product line. I chose this particular lippie because it worked well with my skin and hair color compared to the other two Miss Tangerine variants.

After a simple shake, the tint now projects a deep tangerine color that not only smells good but also tastes good.

Taken without the Flash On 

A simple coat on my lips ended up looking like this.

With the flash on, the lip color projects a much deeper tangerine hue compared to when you see it in natural light.

Later that day, I decided to spice the lippie up a bit by adding a coat of my favorite Proof 10 Aqua Tint and a slight dab of the Juicy Pop Tube, both by Etude House for an even deeper and more dramatic tangerine finish. I liked the effect of the layering but I noticed here that I had a little more gloss than usual.

I should have gotten half a pea-size of the Juicy Pop Tube and dabbed it at the center of the lower lip which is pretty much the norm among the experts. The trick I think with Miss Tangerine lippies is to find the hue that looks best with your skin tone and hair color. Sometimes layering your preferred tangerine lippie with a much deeper shade can create a look that's entirely your own.

Miss Tangerine Soda Tint is sold for Php 328 while the Juicy Pop Tube is priced at Php 128. Both are available at all Etude House branches nationwide.


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  1. love it, I'm torn between tangerine & tomato jelly tint frm skinfood>.<

  2. really? do let me know if you decide to purchase the skinfood tint. thanks for the visit!