Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek by Etude House ♪♪

To be honest, I'm drawn to make-up palettes that give the face just a hint of color to project a fresh, clean look. To some degree, I've been influenced by one of my favorite books, Basic Face by supermodel Cindy Crawford and make-up artist Sonia Kashuk.

I've had this in my keeping for more than 10 years and have learned quite a lot of invaluable insights along the way. For instance, Cindy was suggesting that the best cheek color would be something that resembles our flushed cheeks right after exercising. That makes it a deep pink, right?

When I saw the Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek, I thought that it had potential in achieving the look I want.

The tint is stored in a small glass container, quite shiny at first glance.

Instead of being glossy, it actually is of creamy texture and quite matte to my surprise.

Likes & Nots

What I love about it is its light pigmentation on the lips and cheeks. It's basically an easy glide thanks to its creamy nature but can be quite messy too since you're using your fingers in the process. Another point to consider when buying make-up in containers such as this, would be, overtime, you'll be using not just your fingertips but also your nails when getting make-up.Get the picture? Although the color looks really nice when you first put it on, you need a couple of retouches during the day for it's not as long wearing as I would like it to be.

This particular hue looks best on those with fair skin. But those with a darker complexion can still benefit from it after using a pinkish-reddish lip tint as base before dabbing the product on top.

Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek # 1 is sold for Php 348 at all Etude House branches nationwide.

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