Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perricone Prescription Review: Derma E DMAE Creme vs. Jason Ester-C Creme @ Healthy Options ♪♪♪

I have mentioned before that I got introduced to all the wonders of DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, C-Ester and Ester-C when I read this particular book four years ago.

In it, Dr. Perricone offers a simple program of diet, exercise, supplements and of course skin care to reverse the signs of skin aging.

Taken in 2007 after following the Perricone Prescription for two months

After following Dr. Perricone's prescription for two months, I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin. I thought that it actually looked more supple and firmer. Since the author advised that DMAEAlpha Lipoic and C-Ester be used in the regimen, I tried looking for a product that had all these. Before I proceed with the review, allow me to talk briefly about these three elements one by one.

What DMAE Really Is
According to Dr. Perricone, DMAE is a powerful antioxidant which is found in "the flesh of fish especially salmon." He adds, "this chemical stimulates nerve function and the muscles to contract and tighten under the skin. DMAE is your magic bullet for great skin tone, keeping your face firm and contoured. It prevents and reverses what is clinically known as 'anatomical loss of position,' commonly known as sagging."  

Alpha Lipoic Acid In a Nutshell
Alpha lipoic acid, on the other hand, is "a universal and metabolic antioxidant...because it is one of the most powerful anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatories available." He adds that it "helps regenerate vitamin C and E and protects DNA or the cells' genetic instructions." 

Vitamin C Ester Up Close
Another important element, Vitamin C Ester is a "fat-soluble form of Vitamin C...which protects the fatty portions of the cell that are not protected by L-ascorbic acid [its water-soluble counterpart]."

Derma e DMAE-Alpha Lipoic-C-Ester Retexturizing Creme

Fortunately, I found all these wonderful elements in this Derma E product at Healthy Options.

Package Info:
Widely-acclaimed DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid are combined with C-Ester in this rich moisturizing formula that both hydrates the skin and improves its elasticity.

I used this retexturizing cream in the morning and evening after a dab of the Jason Ester C Super C Toner. During the first few days, I felt a slight tingling sensation which disappeared after the first week. The cream was not too thick and boasted of a nice clean scent. Funny thing was, I didn't notice any difference at first. Even my niece Kathlynish, to whom I gave a third of the jar to, wasn't that impressed. Perhaps since the cream wasn't really that powerful in removing my zits at the time, I thought that the product wasn't working at all. But up close, what I did notice was that my face was much firmer, and sort of lifted.

Jason Ester-C Retexturizing Creme

But when it comes to the over-all change in skin tone, I found the Jason Ester-C Anti-aging Cream more effective. I noticed that my skin was smoother because it helped me fight pimples at the time. I used it as a night cream and enjoyed it immensely because it had a nice fruity scent and a not too thick consistency. I used to put both creams in the fridge for added cooling effect though.

If you want a slight lift on your face without going under the knife, then go for the Derma E DMAE-Alpha-Lipoic-C Ester Retexturizing Creme (Php 1,215). But if your priority is to achieve a finer, smoother skin, then I strongly recommend the Jason Ester-C Anti-aging Cream (Php 795).  Both are available at all Healthy Options branches nationwide. If you want a great anti-aging combo though, then I suggest that you use the Derma E product in the morning and the Jason Ester-C creme at night, just like what I did. If you want your skin lightened, I advise that you include another product to achieve this result because both creams are not really made for that purpose. Just so you know, I did use Pervil Magic Cream on top of the DMAE and Jason Ester C for whitening.

Still, I strongly urge you to read the book to help you incorporate a proper diet, exercise, supplement and skin care program.  

Don't forget to consult a health practitioner first before following the complete program to keep potential problems at bay.

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  3. Hello, I just want to ask if the DMAE-Alpha-Lipoic-C Ester Retexturizing Creme is an oil free? thanks.. by the way, I love your blog :)

  4. Hi Marc Anthony! I'm afraid it's not oil-free for there's "fragrant oils (essential oils)" written on the list of ingredients...Thank you so much for the visit and I'm so honored that you like my blog.

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