Saturday, April 9, 2011

Initial Impressions: I'm Fine Eyeliner by Etude House ♪♪

Yesterday, I went to Etude House to get my hands on one of their popular tangerine lippies. With a dab of the pink gloss, I think that I got the look that I really wanted. But my exploration didn't stop there. I was drawn to trying several more of their products including the I'm Fine Eyeliner. I first put it on my upper lids before doing the same on my niece's lids. Somehow I was transported back to the time when I was doing this for a living. I recalled how I did my own make-up (after about 6 months as a newscaster) despite the fact that we had our own make-up artist at ABS-CBN.

Back then, I was using Max Factor (for three months) and Revlon (for almost two years) for they sponsored my make-up back then. I remembered that the most trying part would always be how to draw a fine, straight black line on my lids using a brush and a cake liner. Over time, I learned some tricks that allowed me to easily maneuver them with just one try.

True to its name, Etude's I'm Fine Eyeliner really boasts of a fine brush, so fine actually that it lacks some firmness above the tips, making it harder for the user to make a flawless line over the eyelids. Although it's a pen liner by design, the over-all intention of providing that smooth line with just one try can be quite difficult. Yet for those who aren't really experienced in using cake liners, this Etude product is certainly a good way to start because you don't need to control the amount of color and water at all for the pen determines that for you.

What you get is a fine black, not as prominent as that of cake liners, and somehow crooked when you can't control the liner.You might have a hard time lining your lids just right above the lash line on first try, but with enough practice, you might learn how to make the brush work for you. What's good about it is that is quite long-wearing and doesn't smudge unlike other black eyeliner pencils in the market today.

I'm Fine Eyeliner by Etude House is sold at Php 498.00.

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  1. the SA at etude house told me that this isn't water proof so i didn't buy this but thanks for this review ms. kaye!

  2. That's a good point to consider Sugar.Thanks for the input ha.

  3. Yes this could be very tough when going like this.The tips has to be sharp and clear for it to be able to line the eye well.Thanks for the review it really helps when you are up to buy a product.

  4. can't wait to use mine, super love the packaging LOL, feel ko it's time for me to graduate from gel liners to liquid LMAO <3

  5. you're right marge.will be waiting for your review!thanks for the visit!