Monday, March 7, 2011

Teaser: Confessions of a Modern Day Asthmatic

Thanks to modern science, asthmatics like me, can control our medical condition and keep those deadly attacks at bay. Find out more about some of the safest inhalers available in the market today in this month's Timeless Confection.

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  1. pwede po ba ito sa mga bata ages 3 up? kasi hirap uminom ng medicine ang baby ko recommended sa kanya inhaler

  2. hi!thanks for the visit ha. i'm not sure kung pwede na sa kanya ito. kasi powder steroid ang mga ito. although safe, iba-iba ang dosage, makakabuti kung i-prescribe mismo ng pediatric pulmonologist ito. look for one. not just a plain pedia ha. mas alam kasi nila. thanks!kisses to your baby!