Friday, March 25, 2011

Spotted: Lea Salonga at the Meet & Greet

Meeting Lea was a dream come true!

Though it may have happened four months ago, every scene was still very much vivid in my memory.

There were already a lot of fans by the time we arrived. All of us had to purchase at least 1 DVD or CD worth Php 350 to be ushered beyond the cordoned sitting area.

Videos of Lea entertained us before the Meet & Greet.

Many shrieked with pleasure when Lea finally arrived!

She greeted her fans enthusiastically before proceeding with the event.

Lea waited while the fans queued up.

Somehow a slight pandemonium broke loose out of sheer excitement!

Amid the chaos, Lea's husband patiently waited and supported her from the sidelines.

By this time, I was truly hoping that my turn would come up soon.

But Tutapel was thinking about something else--his cars!

Alas! My turn finally arrived. I was such a fan, you know. I even gave Lea a token--comic book from the Philippine's only epic Hinilawod.


Hinilawod is a dazzling musical based on an epic written by National Artist for Literature F. Landa Jocano! Can't wait to watch it either on  September 3 or 4 this year at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Here's the link: Hinilawod.

This snapshot was truly worth the two hour wait.

Good thing, Bala took another shot before my time was up.

A much cherished autograph from the Philippines' pride-Ms. Lea Salonga!

I couldn't resist taking another shot before we finally had our long delayed lunch.

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