Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Review of Kracie (Kanebo) Naive Facial Cleansing Foam ♪♪♪♪

I've always believed that facial cleansers set the tone for the whole cleansing ritual. That's why finding the right one is a must. Thanks to dear Mars Cel, I discovered Kracie's complete line of Naive Facial Cleansing Foam during our trip to Hong Kong and Macau last year. I began using each variant religiously one after another and as it turned out, each one became my skin's best friend. Not only that. These cleansers proved to be effective in ridding the skin of surface oils and dirt no matter the skin type. If you must know, I have combination skin while the others that I've given these cleansers to range between dry to normal and combination to oily types. The complete line simply gives new meaning to the word versatile. 


Kracie (Kanebo) Naive Facial Cleansing Foam comes in a variety of scents that promises greater enjoyment to the otherwise boring cleansing ritual. Honestly, I always look forward to the next one just so I can smell and enjoy the foam's aromatic scent. The Peach variant has a sweet, fruity scent that is less intense than the Pomegranate one.

As it turned out, the Pomegranate cleanser is the most aromatic of them all!

While the Aloe variant has the mildest scent available.

No matter the variant, all cleansers feel velvety smooth and create a very rich lather out of a tiny squirt.

High points:
*  Heal pimples and rashes faster than any cleansers I've ever used.
*  Their scents are just divine! 
*  The rich lather feels velvety smooth.
*  The cleansers are economical for they require just a tiny squirt off the tube.
*  The cap is attached to the tube which makes it easier to manage.
*  The price is very affordable. 

Low points:
Its availability can be a problem especially if you live in a country where there's no Sasa Outlet store in sight.

Will I repurchase it?
Most definitely.

Kracie (Kanebo) Naive Facial Cleansing Foam is sold at HKD 24 or Php 134.00.

Visit any Sasa outlet store in the heart of Hong Kong and Macau to get hold of these terrific products.

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  1. como puedo hacer para obtener la crema naive peach por que es buenisima?