Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: O2 White Vitamin C Mask Sheet by Etude House ♪♪♪

Now that I'm a year shy of the big 40, I've become extra caring towards my skin. In fact, I go through a five-step (sometimes six-step) skin care ritual almost every day. An important step is the regular use of masks. Imagine my elation when Etude House sent this product for me to try! I was excited to use it for I've heard great reviews about their O2 White Product Line. Although masks in general should be used before going to bed, I decided to put the mask sheet on first thing in the morning. And I wasn't disappointed at all.

Package Info:
Skin care line supplies O2 and Vitamin C to brighten, clarify and detoxify skin tone. Moisturizing mask sheets come with pull tabs for application, comfort and convenience.

How to Use the Mask Sheet:


1.  Remove the wet mask sheet carefully from the sachet.


2. Unfold the upper mask with caution.

3.  Take out the lower mask carefully as well.


4.  Place the upper and lower masks on the face for 15 to 20 minutes.

5.  If you want, you can close in the tabs for more revitalizing benefits.

6.  Take the mask off.

7. Massage remaining essence onto skin and just leave it on.

High points:
*  I love the fact that the mask sheet is drenched, but not dripping wet.
*  Since the mask sheet is divided into two portions--upper and lower--I can maneuver it to fit my face perfectly.
*  I love the idea of Vitamin C seeping through my skin, nourishing it from the inside and lightening the dark spots in the process.

Low point:
*   Perhaps it won't hurt a bit if the mask sheet has a little bit more essence which I can massage onto my face.

Will I re-purchase? 
Oh, most definitely! I can use it once a week and pair it with the O2 White Vitamin C Mask in jar form (around Php 498) which I can use thrice a week for an even better result.

O2 White Vitamin C Mask Sheet is available at all Etude House branches for Php 128.00.

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  1. you look gorgeous! =) i didn't think you were already 39! you still look like you're around your late 20's. ;)

  2. That's the sweetest thing I've heard!Thanks so much dear Sugar!mwah!

  3. Healthy food choices will help you retain a glowing skin even when you're in your 40's already.

  4. That's the sweetest thing I've heard!Thanks so much dear Sugar!mwah!

  5. Hello, could you tell me the shelf life of the Vitamin C O2 White products? do you happen to know? anyone!?? :)

  6. Hi Rouge Et Noir! If my memory serves me right, it's two years tops. Which product are you referring to? Thanks for the visit!