The Miss Tangerine Challenge by Etude House Philippines

Etude House Philippines invites you to join the Miss Tangerine Challenge on Facebook!

Here are the rules:

1. Simply purchase Miss Tangerine products.

2. Use the products and copy any one of the 3 Miss Tangerine looks below: 

3. Take a clear picture of your Ms.Tangerine self.

4. Send your entry to Indicate the products used and which of the 3 looks resemble your own look the closest (You may even opt to wear wig and accessories to be Dara-like)

5. Entries will be added and showcased via the Etude House Philippines album. 

6. The top 5 finalists will be based on the number of likes received. The 3 best ads will be chosen among the finalists and will be determined by Etude House.





Thanks Etude House Philippines Fan Page for the photos and info. 


New Promos from Etude House Philippines

Wondering about the new promos at your favorite Etude House branch?

Cool promos are indeed in store just for you when you visit your favorite Etude House branch these days. Happy shopping!


Fastfood Series: Razon's of Guagua ♪♪♪

I have seen a lot of Razon branches sprouting in every corner of the metropolis for the past few years now. But I must admit that I didn't have the courage to try it for fear of being disappointed. You might have had the impression that eating for me is not only an art but also a celebration of memories. I eat certain dishes not only to tickle my palate but to bring specific memories to life.

My dad was born in Baruya in Lubao while my mom hailed from Betis in Guagua. My childhood was marked with delicious dishes from Pampanga to Manila which helped create my extreme fascination with good food. I remember vividly how critical my mom and my aunts would get if the dishes at a certain resto didn't please them. They would say "mas masarap pa luto ko dito eh" both in Tagalog and Kapampangan. I've become a little uneasy when this comment was normally made for fear of offending the owner or the other diners.

Sizzling Bulalo (Php 230). Tender kenchi beef parts with oozingly delicious shank (bone marrow) are served sizzling hot in a bed of gravy. I love how the beef melts in my mouth which beautifully reminds me of  my mom's own version of beef dishes that I grew up with. A definite must-try!

Tapsilog (Php130). The cultured tapa brought back memories of childhood spent in Pampanga. Its distinct taste is not a common occurrence among commercially manufactured tapas. And for that reason, the Razon tapa is worth having over and over.

 Pancit Luglog (Php 90). Large, thick noodles cooked al dente and layered with a natural blend of red sauce, baby shrimps, egg slices and topped with finely crumbled chicharon. I love the al dente noodles and the dish per se. But it wouldn't hurt if it has a little bit more sauce and "sahog" (ingredients) to make the dish a lot more interesting.

Sizzling Sisig Meal (Php 145). The finely chopped pig parts are seasoned well and gives off a home-cooked taste to it. It is simple with no added flair and no inclination toward the dramatics. But it is very comforting which is I think the over-all intention of the store.

Assorted Tarts (Php 30). I must say that their tarts are not really their specialty. They lack in sweetness, flavor and crunchy goodness which should be intrinsic in all tarts.

Halo-Halo (Php 90).
An assortment of sun-ripened "saging na saba" (bananas), macapuno, leche flan and dayap rind in shaved ice. When I dug my spoon into the shaved ice, I was amazed at how soft it actually was! When mixed with all the other ingredients, the halo-halo was simply marvelous! What I love about it is that this dessert is very flavorful, yet not too sweet perhaps because of the addition of the dayap rind. This is most definitely a must-try!

Razon's of Guagua
Timog Avenue
Phone: 376-6434; 376-6545

Trinoma Branch
2nd Level, Food court

SM City North Edsa
1st level, Main Building


Piso Flights from Cebu Pacific

Who knows there might be still be some promo flights hidden somewhere...

It's definitely worth a shot!

Remember: Sale period is only up to 11 PM tonight for flight schedules booked between June 1 and December 15, 2011.

Happy browsing!


Thanks Red Mango!

Thanks Red Mango for the gift certificates!

Kudos to the staff of Red Mango Trinoma for these amazing treats!

My family and I truly enjoyed the new blueberry flavor marked with all the goodness that is intrinsically Red Mango.

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Two Magic Words at Tony and Jackey (Korean Salon)

I know that the language barrier can sometimes be a big issue when you go to Tony and Jackey. Thanks to their two distinct house styles, you have a better chance of getting the haircut that you really want. All you need to know are two magic words: High-layered and low-layered.


Somehow this cut is reminiscent of the Rachel--Jennifer Aniston's trademark hairstyle on the second season of Friends, my all-time favorite TV series. If you want your hair to have more volume from the crown all the way to the chin area, then this style is most definitely for you. It frames and softens the angles of the face making it an ideal option for those who don't have an oval face. It's up to you if you want to add fringe (bangs) or not. Just tell the kind hairstylist which way you want to go.


Low-layered on the other hand means that the layers are mostly done from the chin to the ends making it an ideal option if you have a thinner, oval face.

Here are the other services offered by the salon.  If you like the way my hair is done, just look for Min from the SM Annex branch and Carl from their Festival Mall, Alabang branch. Don't forget to tip them, okay?

Haircut: Php 500.00 

Tony and Jackey
3F Annex Bldg.
SM City North Edsa
Quezon City
Phone No. (02) 441-1374

Festival Mall, Alabang
2nd Level, Festival Mall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Phone No. (02) 659-1875

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Spotted: Lea Salonga at the Meet & Greet

Meeting Lea was a dream come true!

Though it may have happened four months ago, every scene was still very much vivid in my memory.

There were already a lot of fans by the time we arrived. All of us had to purchase at least 1 DVD or CD worth Php 350 to be ushered beyond the cordoned sitting area.

Videos of Lea entertained us before the Meet & Greet.

Many shrieked with pleasure when Lea finally arrived!

She greeted her fans enthusiastically before proceeding with the event.

Lea waited while the fans queued up.

Somehow a slight pandemonium broke loose out of sheer excitement!

Amid the chaos, Lea's husband patiently waited and supported her from the sidelines.

By this time, I was truly hoping that my turn would come up soon.

But Tutapel was thinking about something else--his cars!

Alas! My turn finally arrived. I was such a fan, you know. I even gave Lea a token--comic book from the Philippine's only epic Hinilawod.


Hinilawod is a dazzling musical based on an epic written by National Artist for Literature F. Landa Jocano! Can't wait to watch it either on  September 3 or 4 this year at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Here's the link: Hinilawod.

This snapshot was truly worth the two hour wait.

Good thing, Bala took another shot before my time was up.

A much cherished autograph from the Philippines' pride-Ms. Lea Salonga!

I couldn't resist taking another shot before we finally had our long delayed lunch.