Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why I Love Tony and Jackey (Korean Salon) ♪♪♪♪

It seems to be that there is more to a woman's hair than meets the eye. It is not her crowning glory for nothing. More like a window from which one can take a peek through her heart and soul, if one looks close enough. My varying hairstyles for instance reflected my soul at every life stage. Somehow guys have a hard time grasping this elemental truth which is completely understandable. Women are wired differently. We think about everything and as a result generate strong feelings from the minute things to life's biggest twists and turns.

In 2001, my news program on ABS-CBN ended. Instead of continuing my career as a reporter which was a lifelong dream, I was surprised to find out that it was no longer what I wanted. My dream changed! As if to signify the end of that chapter in my life, I cut my hair super short--even shorter than this one, and dyed it completely black.

Six years passed and several magazine articles and voice-over projects later, I realized that I made the right decision. My hairstyle overflowing in layers with a trademark fringe seemed to evoke my contentment in life.

Another two years have passed and with my long-awaited son in tow, I sported a much longer hairstyle. It was not by choice. Honestly, I just did not have the time nor the energy to go to a salon and have it fixed. Now when I look closely, I realize that the headband was my security blanket at the time. I was experiencing one of the most difficult transitions in my life: motherhood. With it came sleepless nights, skipped meals and so much more. I felt really old! It was alarming because I have never felt like that in all my life! Sad to say, it was a stage wherein I was starting to lose myself and my zest for life. Putting on make-up and even dressing up became a burden--a far cry from my former self.

It is funny to say that a simple haircut changed my life. But that was what happened. Mars Cel talked about this salon during one of our meet-ups. Before our trip to Hong Kong in May of last year, I paid the salon a visit. I was amused to see that even the Filipinas there looked Korean because of their hairstyles. While on the shampoo area, I asked the kind assistant on how to communicate best with the Korean hairstylist since she didn't speak much English. A simple photo of my chosen hairstyle would do, she said. And the stylist will take it from there. My hair was blow-dried afterwards which was a little different from the usual salons I have been to. This step was usually done after the trim. Surprisingly, the Korean stylist did the blow-dry herself. In other salons, this was usually the juniors' job.

In ten minutes, the stylist finished cutting my hair. In another 10 minutes, I was looking like this. What I love most about this "high-layered" cut is that it frames my round face well enough to make me appear thinner than I truly am. This cut got even better in the next few months.

But in three month's time, I felt that it got really long and out of touch. It was time for another trim.

Just in time for Rain's Intensity Concert in Manila, I sported a new style. Carl did a good job I think of combining the two photos I chose. I just showed him where to copy the fringe from and the body from.

Two months later, my hair grew out to a more comfortable length.

From the "high-layered"cut, I now have the "low-layered" look. That means, the layers are mostly done from the chin to the ends as opposed to the "high-layered" which concentrates much on the fringe area thus making the bangs thicker and more apparent.

I guess, what I love most about this salon is that the stylists are able to let my hair reflect the joy that I want to feel inside. And in the process, the dream and the reality collide and become one.

Haircut: Php 500.00
Tony and Jackey
3F Annex Bldg.
SM City North Edsa
Quezon City
Phone No. (02) 441-1374

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  1. I also like Tony and Jackey. They have so man branches and the service is great although waiting in line isn't haha. :)

  2. Hi Sugar!You're so right. Love the service. Although you really have to wait for up to an hour sometimes. hihihi

  3. wow ms. kaye! you were a reporter pala at abs, pa autograph! hehehe...anyway, love tony and jackey too but not until I met Mr. Gawi! haha...A Korean Salon in BF Homes Pque, owned by the korean hairstylist Mr. Gawi (Brian Kim) himself :)

  4. Hi Sugar!You're so right. Love the service. Although you really have to wait for up to an hour sometimes. hihihi