Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Local Showbiz: Piolo Confirms Relationship with KC

Since I have been immersed in Asian series on DVD lately, I must admit that I'm a little behind on the goings-on in our local channels. To top it all, the voices of the Disney characters from Tutapel's current favorite The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dominate our house nowadays.  Last Sunday, both of us weren't particularly inclined to watching any of our favorites.  It was 4:30 PM and with nothing to do, I turned on the TV and pressed Channel 8.  Lo and behold, my once favorite magazine show The Buzz started airing.  I became excited when I found out that Piolo would be there live because KC would be there too.  That meant only one thing, confirmation was in the air.  My hunch turned out to be right! I was beyond ecstatic since I'm a Piolo and KC fan. Tutapel appeared to be happy since I was screaming with delight.

Here is Piolo's interview with Charlene on The Buzz
                            Credit:  PinasNewestIssues on YouTube

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