Monday, February 7, 2011

Fastfood Series: RedDot by Shiok ♪

Perusing the area, I noticed that a throng of people hovered around this particular food stall called RedDot by Shiok.  When I found out that they were offering some pretty interesting Malaysian and Singaporean dishes, I told Bala that it was worth giving a try.

After all, the photos looked yummy enough to eat.  And the prices seemed affordable too. We settled on these two dishes that lazy Saturday afternoon.

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Php 169).
I was quite excited to try this dish because of all the rave reviews from my friends who have tried the famed Chicken Rice in Singapore. However the dish was far from edible! The rice was hard, lumpy and flavorless. Honestly, it tasted like kaning lamig (cold rice)! I can forgive anything else about it but certainly not its inedible rice! I honestly felt that I should have gone to Paotsin instead for its hot and flavorful rice-- for half the price! The chicken on the other hand was no better. It was obviously undercooked with blood specks all over.

I asked my good friend Momsie Ruth Dizon if my description fits the Singaporean Chicken dish at all. I value her judgment for she lived in Singapore for five years. Momsie Ruthie said that the rice should be soft, fragrant and filled with all the yummy goodness from the chicken broth, the meat itself and of course the spices. I know that I shouldn't expect much, after all it's not fine dining.  My point is that I just wanted my food choice to be worth what I paid for. Nothing else. As it turned out the medley of spices consisting of ginger, chili and thick soy was the saving grace of this RedDot dish.

Malaysian Chicken Currry (Php 159).
Quite surprisingly, Bala's choice turned out to be okay. The curry had a unique taste that I've never had before. The sauce had a grainy texture and smelled of exotic spices which made the chicken more interesting.

RedDot by Shiok
3F Food Choices, Glorietta 4
Ayala, Makati City

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