Monday, February 21, 2011

Fastfood Series: Dimsim N' Dumplings ♪♪♪

Years ago, I fell in love with their dumplings with chili sauce on the side during a time when it wasn't customary to serve it with the usual soy and calamansi dip. Their chili sauce became a hit, to the point that one's visit was not complete without taking home one of these smokin' hot bottled delights.

Sadly the franchise disappeared from main stream malls years ago. Now with its more prominent stature, old clients are back to partake in the delicious goodness that is Dimsum N' Dumplings.

Crab Stick Roll in Bird's Nest Soup (Php 59.00). Boiled crab stick rolls provide an interesting bite to the surprisingly delish soup served steaming hot and with fresh scallions to boot.

Chicken Mushroom Fry (Php 88.00).  Breaded chicken strips crunchy on the outside and quite delicate on the inside are served on hot rice.

Braised Beef Rice (Php 99.00). Sweet and salty beef cubes although small in portion, compensate much for its delish taste.

Mango Sago (around Php 50.00). The strong mango taste provides an adoringly sweet structure to the dish which is made even more interesting with the addition of black pearls, chewy and sweet at the same time. Truly yummy and comparable to the mango desserts we tasted at Hui Lau Shan Healthy Desserts in Hong Kong. After all, the Philippine mango is the best in the world!

Dimsum N' Dumplings
NAIA Terminal 3 Departure Area

The stall is just a few feet away from this gorgeous display.♥ 

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