Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shinjuku Ramen House ♪♪♪♪

Fourteen years ago, Makati was our oyster! Both Bala and I worked there and explored nearby restos. Once on my birthday, he treated me in this Japanese resto just a few meters away from his office at the Pacific Star Building in Makati Avenue. There, I first came to know about Shinjuku.

On special occasions, we would dine there talking about how great it would be if I too can visit Japan without spending a single cent just like what happened to him. We didn't know then that the dream would be realized two years later.  When it came to pass, we celebrated "my dream come true" at Shinjuku Pasong Tamo branch.

Back then, I thought that their food was already superb!  But it seems like every year, their food becomes even better because of all the memories connected into every bowl, into every platter.

Shinjuku Ramen House

The resto has truly evolved through the years with its bigger dining hall and elegantly crafted wooden chairs.

Shinjuku Ramen House

But the place still evokes the same zenness intrinsic in restos we've seen in Japan. Somehow I felt transported back to the time when Bala and I tasted our first ramen in bustling Shinjuku, my first yakisoba in historic Hiroshima, my first Chicken curry in rustic Kyoto and my first home-cooked miso in glorious Matsuyama. That day we decided to feast on three treats that have become part of our lives for the past 14 years. It is our hope that we can share more of these kinds of dishes with our beloved Tutapel for another 14 years or so.

Shinjuku Ramen House

Shoyu Ramen.
Regular: PHP 240
Large:  PHP 340
Ramen cooked in soy, fresh spinach, mustard stalks, thinly sliced pork, nori, boiled egg and topped with scallions. Bala loved this variant because it was the first ramen he tasted when he was still working for NEC Japan. I love this dish for its firm noodles, tasty broth and the tinge of smokiness from the thinly sliced pork. I won't be surprised at all if they use panchetta because of the bacon-like note to it.

Shinjuku Ramen House

4 pieces: PHP 175
6 pieces: PHP 260
I'm surprised at all that although their gyoza is plump, it doesn't burst to the sides. It also hasn't lost its character and edginess through the years.  Paired with their special dip, the gyoza is every inch the dish I've come to love all this time.

Shinjuku Ramen House

Coffee Jelly (PHP 90).
What can I say? I truly, utterly love this dessert! Unlike other coffee jellies, this one has a flan-like jelly smothered in cream and topped by an uber delicious vanilla ice cream with a dash of rainbow sprinkles. This is truly a must try.  It would be a "sin" to leave the resto without trying this.

Shinjuku Ramen House
My Rating:
♪♪♪♪ Marvelous! Highly recommended. 

Shinjuku Ramen House
2277 Chino Roces Ave.
Beside Makati Cinema Square
Makati City
Phone: 819-12-42
Business Hours: 10 AM to 1 AM daily


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  1. dinala nyo na rin ako dito kaso yung sa quezon blvd (?) nung nasa circle theatre pa yung bread. :)

    dapat pala dati pa tayo nag-b-blog, no?

  2. Hi Unaki!
    Na-remember ko nga habang sinusulat ko itong
    blog. Tama ka. Sa may west ave. Kaso sarado na yon. Di ba kumain din kayo ni Bala dito sa may Makati Ave bago ka umalis?
    Meron pa akong gustong i-try.
    I don't know kung na-re-remember mo pa yung masarap na cheesecake na kinain natin sa podium...gusto ko ngang hanapin. hihihi
    Oo nga sana nga noon pa itong blogging na ito. hihihi

  3. the ice cream looks intriguing, i love the japanese vibe the restaurant has.

  4. hi there dear kitten!the ice cream is the best!you might want to check out their Makati Ave branch sometime.thanks again for the visit my dear!