Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Part 2 ♪♪♪♪

Dripping in sweet 'n' sour goodness with a sprinkle of  fresh delights, Red Mango offers an array of decadent concoctions to satisfy the discriminating taste of its Pinoy clientele.

Red Mango Philippines

I thought that the brand just offers a plethora of yogurt delights. I was terribly misinformed. Waffles so mouth-wateringly good are in fact part of their menu. My brood of four didn't have to beg for them. For I too can't wait to devour each one of these delish confections.  

Blueberry 'n' Cream Waffles (PHP 85).
Heart-shaped waffles that are crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside are topped with blueberries, a dallop of whipped cream and a slight dusting of confectioner's sugar. My absolute favorite! If calories weren't an issue, then I would eat this morning, noon and night.  It's that good! If you have a big appetite though, you might want to order another pair because of the rather petite serving.

Red Mango Philippines

Choco-Mango Waffles (PHP 85).
A pair of chocolate-flavored waffles is topped with luscious mango cubes, whipped cream and swirls of chocolate sauce with a soft dusting of brown sugar. If you are a chocoholic, you'll surely enjoy this delightfully fresh variant.

Red Mango Philippines

Variant 1 (PHP 135).
Small Green Tea Yogurt- PHP 85
4 Toppings:  Peaches, Mochi, Red Bean, Muesli-PHP 50
A visit to Red Mango won't be complete without tasting their signature dessert-frozen yogurt, of course. That day, I decided to be carefree for once and ordered a new variant.  Although I missed my usual blueberry cheesecake & almond concoction, this variant was a fresh diversion.  However if you don't like your yogurt combo to be too sweet, you might want to skip this variant and create something else.

Red Mango Philippines

Variant 2 (PHP 120).
Small Original Frozen Yogurt-PHP 80
3 Toppings:  Mangoes, Kiwis, Almonds-PHP 40
If I were to describe this variant, I would say that it fills my mouth with summery goodness brought about by the fresh fusion of mangoes, kiwis and almonds.

Red Mango Philippines

Variant 3 (PHP 155).
Medium Original Frozen Yogurt- PHP 115
3 Toppings: Blueberry, Almonds, Cheese Cake-PHP 40
What can I say but just good things about this concoction? The tartness from the yogurt creates a blast of flavors when combined with these three toppings for an unforgettable dessert experience.

Red Mango Philippines

Red Mango Philippines
My Rating:
♪♪♪♪ Marvelous! Highly recommended. 

Red Mango Philippines


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  1. That looks SO yummy! Too bad they don't have one of these places around here!

  2. must hunt for a red mango the next time i go to the city...this post is making my mouth water!i sooo love yogurt:)

  3. Thanks so much Kimberly and Jared's Mum!Hugs!

  4. Thanks so much Kimberly and Jared's Mum!Hugs!