Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kundiman Series: Sa Ugoy ng Duyan with Pete Avendano

Rummaging through old scripts, I saw the one that helped me win my first KBP Golden Dove Award. I quickly noticed all the music titles complete with the name of artists and instrumentalists, an important requirement at 98.7 DZFE-The Master's Touch-the only classical music station in the country.  I remember interviewing Professor Felipe de Leon Jr. for that particular episode.  In fact the taped interview is still with me. Now, I'm seriously considering to have it transferred to mp3 and give the kind professor a copy. It was a great privilege to have talked to him about the subject of Kundiman. His vast knowledge helped me write a magazine article and a radio script at the same time.

Since we are on the subject of Kundiman, I had my share of covering Kundiman concerts and competitions in the past as an announcer/producer of DZFE. Those experiences enriched my heart and soul and made me appreciate this genre immensely. When we talk of kundiman, we always assume that it is about the love between a man and a woman.  What we don't know is that there are actually several types of kundiman.  The Lulluaby Kundiman for instance is a sadly ignored type. And Sa Ugoy ng Duyan by National Artist Lucio San Pedro is a beautiful example of its kind. (Reminder: Make sure to pronounce "ugoy" on the second syllable and not on the first.)

That's enough Tagalog lesson for now. Allow me to share with you something about the song's inception. Maestro San Pedro based the music on a melody his mother used to sing to him as a little boy.  It was without lyrics for a long time.  Only when he boarded the same ship with lyricist Levi Celerio that the song was finally born.

Here's Sa Ugoy ng Duyan interpreted by tenor Pete Avendano with the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Robert Shroder.  This particular clip was taken during the Gala Concert at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills in 2009.


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