Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Strawberry Taho at Strawberry Farm, Benguet (Updated)

The bright skies seemed to be a prelude of wonderful things to come. On our second day in the City of Pines, the Strawberry Farm was at the top of our list of places to explore.

Just thirty minutes from Baguio City, lies the picturesque Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet. Sadly, there was no strawberry picking at the time. I was told that the best time to come here is from November to May. Still, I wasn't particularly disappointed because the place was lovely, to say the least.

Just so you know, the price of picking your own strawberries is double the market price. Several tourists find this strangely ironic because in other countries when you pick your own fruits, say apples and oranges, you just have to pay for the produce because the picking itself is considered "free labor." But the growers maintain that since strawberries are very delicate fruits compared to apples and oranges, when handled by "amateurs," the produce might get spoiled in the process.

For what it's worth, I'm certainly looking forward to harvesting some on our next visit.

Let me be honest. When I saw the place, it looked really familiar. It dawned on me that it was one of the locations where the Tagalog movie "You To Me Are Everything" was shot. Being a Dong-Yan fan myself, it wasn't hard to connect the dots.

I wasn't surprised at all when the taho vendors were shouting, "Strawberry Taho! Paborito ito ni Marian Rivera nung nagpunta siya rito." [Strawberry Taho! When Marian was here, she absolutely loved it.] I didn't need to be coerced to buy it for the tag line piqued my interest more than anything. And so I gave manong my P15.00 in exchange of this yummy dessert in a cup.

Taho with Strawberry Jam is double the sweetness, but still tangy. It also offers a nice full bite thanks to the fusion of strawberries and sago pearls. It's an interesting delicacy showcasing Filipino ingenuity at its best!

Aside from this famed taho, there were also many stalls selling not only strawberry jams, but also different kinds of interesting delicacies.

A variety of bags and textiles were also on display to attract potential customers.

Strawberry Farm is located in La Trinidad Valley, Benguet, just 10 kilometers from Baguio City.

By private transportation: From Session Road, turn right to Magsaysay Road and turn left at the stop light (to your right will be Baguio Center Mall). The road you will be on is still Magsaysay Road and this connects Baguio City to La Trinidad. Just keep going straight, passing a vehicle flyover at one point, until you see the Welcome Arch of La Trinidad.

Keep going a few more kilometers until you see the sign that directs folks to turn left to Strawberry Farm. It is not a very prominent sign, and it should be to your left so just keep looking out for it.

After making a left turn, keep going straight ahead for a few hundred meters more (there are no available turns anyway) until you see many  souvenir stalls to your left and the strawberry and flower farms to your right.

By jeepney: If going by public transportation, jeepneys to La Trinidad wait for passengers in the Gen. Luna area near the University of Baguio. Tell the driver you will be getting off at the Strawberry Farm, cross the road and walk the rest of the way as it's not that far from the main road.


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