Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Comfort Food at Pancake House ♪♪♪

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon at the mall and quite uneventful at least for me because I wasn't in the mood to buy anything nor search through sale goodies and wait in long queues. My cravings were also nonexistent at the time considering all the restos we just passed by.

When I saw Pancake House though the excitement was brought back to my eyes, gripped them like crazy and never left them agin. The cozy atmosphere, good lighting and movie posters splashed on the multi-colored walls provided the perfect backdrop for my comfort food served a few minutes after.

Hot Roast Chicken Set (PHP 189). Believe it or not my stay at Pancake House won't be complete without it. Roast chicken on white bread smothered in an oozingly hot, rich gravy is paired with chilled macaroni salad on a bed of fresh greens with ground beef, fresh tomatoes and cheddar cheese laden taco on the side.

Mango Crepe (PHP 147). To appease my sweet tooth, I ordered the mango crepe- a luscious blend of sun-ripened mangoes and rich vanilla ice cream enveloped in two crepes floating on top of a pool of ultra- decadent chocolate and strawberry sauce.

Need I say more?

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1 comment:

  1. my sis loves their mango crepe too!! as for me, I always order either blueberry or choco chip pancake, classic spaghetti w/ meat sauce, omelette or homestyle bangus!