Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Long Walk to Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant Hong Kong ♪♪♪

It was a day filled with wonderful possibilities.

New city. New faces. New food.

At the top of our list was to taste an authentic yet affordable Cantonese cuisine in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

We thought that we could find a resto nearby. But after we passed by the station, we still couldn't find one that seemed affordable yet authentic.

Instead of restos, thrift shops greeted us.

When we reached the corner, we decided to cross the streets and continue with our exploration on the other side.

After 15 minutes of walking, we saw the Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant. The place looked simple and affordable enough. And authentic too. See those hanging chickens on the display? Aren't they symbols of authentic Chinese cuisine? Thinking Smiley Just asking...

The ambience reminded me so much of restos in Chinatown--bursting with laughter and vibrant all around!

We were so famished that if only the chopsticks were edible, we could have ingested them at first sight.

For starters, we were given the service tea.

And one by one the dishes were served in large platters. The Pan Fried Noodles with Beef Strips topped with leeks, sesame seeds and served with bok choy and chili ( around PhP 350) was absolutely fantastic! It tasted just the way I like it--sweet and spicy and has a nice full bite to it thanks to the noodles cooked al dente.

The Sweet and Sour Pork (around PhP 350) tasted really different from the usual dish here in the Philippines--but in a good way. I didn't now what spices they put in, but the dish tasted really really good! It blended perfectly with the fried rice which was not too greasy to my surprise.

The Noodle Soup was not too salty to accommodate the overwhelming flavors coming from the paired roasted chicken.

I think from all the dishes we ordered, the Roasted Chicken (around PhP 350) best exemplified Cantonese food at its best. Infused in a plethora of spices, the chicken smelled and tasted different from the chicken dishes I grew up with. But it was succulent, cooked well done and served with a sweet and spicy dip.

If you were to ask me, I would definitely recommend this resto for its yummy dishes, affordable price, clean place, and fast service. If you're staying in the Tsim Sha Tui area, the Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant is definitely a must-try place.

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant
Ground floor Hankow Rd (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Phone Number: 2735-5151 and 2735-5978
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  1. The chicken looks really yummy! Do they have english menus?

  2. hello! yes. the chicken has an authentic, flavorful taste. must-try! i'm afraid their menu is all in cantonese...thanks for the visit!