Monday, December 13, 2010

Gondola Ride at the Venetian Macau (As Featured In Boys Over Flowers) ♪♪♪♪

Nestled in the opulent Cotai Strip lies the breathtaking The Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel. Known for its grand shopping esplanade, impressive entertainment and topnotch facilities, the Resort Hotel's elegance is reminiscent of 17th century France, during a time when Louis XIV built his magnificent Chateau de Versailles minus the dramatic events that happened afterwards.

Taken by Bibot Cerro for Timeless Confection

Massive chandeliers...

...vastly carpeted floors...

...and elegant interiors held a promise of exciting things to come. Ren and I knew exactly how to translate that excitement into reality.

As loyal fans of the hit Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers, we wanted to ride the gondola just like Geum Jandi and F3. But realizing that wish proved to be a very difficult journey in the most literal sense. Since The Venetian was so huge, we couldn't find the gondola ticket booth. We searched for it high and low but to no avail. After thirty minutes or so, we finally saw what we have been looking for.

This picturesque view soothed our frayed nerves and brought life back to our disheartened souls.

We wasted no time in buying tickets at the Boutique di Gondola: MOP 108 or around PHP 600 (per ride) for adults and MOP 80 or PHP 440 (per ride) for kids. We queued up for our turn and was beyond ecstatic when we were advised to get into the gondola.

Before the ride, two souvenir shots were taken to be claimed later on.

The gondolier gave a tremendous interpretation of an aria which gave us goosebumps all over!

What kicked the excitement up a notch was when we found out that she was indeed a Filipina! She did not only sing arias but gave a rare rendition of a very popular OPM hit: Regine V.'s Ikaw. Her terrific voice and heartfelt interpretation gave us goose bumps! It was one of  those moments when I felt really proud to be a Pinoy. Good thing Ren caught everything on video.

After that one-of-a-kind boat ride, we went back to the Boutique di Gondola to claim our photos. We were caught off guard when we found out that the souvenir package (two key chains, two large photos and 1 calendar photo) cost Php 2,200. We just bit our tongue and claimed the package. Believe me, it was worth every pataca! 

Riding the gondola made me ecstatic but sadly my baby dozed off through it all. The musical ride must have lulled him to sleep. Anyway, the gondola ride made our short visit to Macau worthwhile and truly unforgettable.

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  1. Thanks so much Marge!I know how much you like Boys over Flowers too!