Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Corner Cafe in HK Disneyland ♪♪♪

Walking through HK Disneyland was a dream come true. It was only when I heard my tummy growled so loudly that I realized how hungry I truly was. Blame it on all the excitement!

We still enjoyed exploring Main Street,USA though despite my hunger level reaching its peak at the time.

The multi-colored brick road held a promise that somewhere in this sunlit park was a resto just for us.

Our wish was granted. When we looked at our right, there it was--the Corner Cafe in all its glory. I wondered though where were all the customers?

We were ushered inside where it was teeming with both local and foreign diners. Judging from their faces, they looked like they were really having a nice time. Something tugged at our "tummy strings" when we looked at the menu. After considerable thought, we chose these yummy treats.

Minestrone Soup (HKD 28 or PHP 153) . Served steaming hot with the familiar beans, cubed veggies and ground beef to name a few. It brought me comfort and warmth just sipping the soup. Somehow I wasn't that hungry anymore. But of course, how can I say no to the other dishes?

Mushroom Soup (HKD 28 or PHP 153). I loved this soup from the first sip to the last! It had a woodsy nuttiness to it thanks to the shitakes. The shitake taste was so apparent yet blended very well with the other ingredients. Creamy and zesty. Very simple yet creative. These are just some of the words I can think of to describe it. The sprinkled herbs added freshness making it one of the best soups I've ever tasted in a long while.

Japanese Chicken Curry (HKD 80 or PHP 436). 
Baked Pork Chop Rice (HKD 80 or PHP 436).
Oh I love a good curry! It was a little different because of the fried chicken cutlets. I preferred them boiled with the other ingredients instead. Anyway, it was a refreshing diversion from the age-old tradition of making Japanese curry.

Main Street Sampler (HKD 80 or PHP 436). I loved this dish! Ren's choice proved to be a hit! When drizzled with lemon, the assorted fried wings, rolls and dumplings tasted more fresh and succulent. It was also not that greasy which was a little astonishing.

What more can you look for in a cafe? The Corner Cafe is truly a must-try resto in HK Disneyland. Don't leave the theme park without visiting it.

Cheers! Glasses


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