Friday, November 5, 2010

A Taste of Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt ♪♪♪

After watching Eat, Pray and Love, I had the most incredible urge to eat something sweet.

Instead of looking for Julia's signature gelato...

Golden Spoon Philippines

...I was drawn to this new Frozen Yogurt store just a couple of feet away from the theater at Trinoma.

                                                 Golden Spoon Philippines

It attracted a throng of ardent movie-goers because of its fresh, hip and zesty vibe.

                                                      Golden Spoon Philippines  

Plus, it promises that its yogurt is non-fat and low calorie.

But is it true?

                                                    Golden Spoon Philippines

It maybe non-fat alright, but look at the carbohydrates content- a whopping 22 grams per serving.

Carbohydrate as we know it is converted to sugar which is then stored as fat.

                                                        Golden Spoon Philippines

But then again, just one cup won't make you fat, right?

Tempting huh.


It offers six interesting flavors to choose from.

                                                          Golden Spoon Philippines

And a variety of mouthwatering toppings...

...for P20 each.

                                                         Golden Spoon Philippines

The store is your oyster!

With a plethora of toppings to suit your taste at the moment.

Golden Spoon Philippines' Featured Toppings
Obviously, Golden Spoon's wide array of choco toppings is one of its strongest marketing points.

Golden Spoon Philippines

Care for some fresh fruits instead?

Perhaps a sprinkle of mochi or choco chip will lift your spirits?

On this note, please allow me to share with you some of the variants we've tried so far.

  Golden Spoon Philippines

Golden Spoon Raspberry Cheescake drizzled with walnuts (Php 175). The tartness from the yogurt is made even more interesting with the symphonic crunch tones generated by the nuts!

Golden Spoon Philippines

Golden Spoon Belgian Chocolate variant topped with Kitkat (Php 175). The non-fat yogurt is paired with an all-time favorite choco bar to create a memorable dessert experience.

Golden Spoon Philippines

Golden Spoon Belgian Chocolate topped with S'mores and Nestle Crunch (Php 195). Decadent with all the crunch I want but still surprisingly light and satiating. A spectacular variant never to be missed!

Golden Spoon Philippines

Golden Spoon Boysenberry topped with Smores and Dark Choco Chips (Php 195). The yogurt's tangy flavor is offset by the creamy goodness from the luscious choco bits. Truly, a definite must-have!

                                                          MY RATING:
Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
♪♪♪ Fantastic! It's on my list of favorites.

Golden Spoon Philippines
Shang 4703837
Magallanes 8530313
Podium 9105093
Greenhills Theater 470-8339
Eastwood Citywalk 2 -470-9875
Paseo Center 403-9131
Trinoma 915-3806
Ayala Triangle Gardens 759-4160
Pergola Mall 659-0992
Robinson's Galleria Veranda 477-5377

How about you? What's your favorite variant?


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  1. Mmmm! i love frozen yogurt but I haven't tried Golden Spoon. I must try it next time we're in Trinoma. Love that your photos are huge! :)

  2. Thanks so much Vera! You're the sweetest!

  3. I tried the branches in Magallanes and Shangri-La Plaza. I love the tangy taste of the yogurt! The taste lingers in my mouth. :)

  4. Hi dear Maria!You're so right!Love your entries by the way!

  5. Hi dear Maria!You're so right!Love your entries by the way!