Thursday, November 11, 2010

What is Filial Piety?

My dearest friend Momsie Ruthie D. posted this video on her Facebook wall one time. I was intrigued by the title so I clicked on it.

I was crying like a baby an hour after I saw the clip. I'm not kidding. I usually cry at the drop of a hat but recover soon afterwards. The effect on me was different. I literally couldn't stop crying! I watched the video all over again and was crying every time.

I remembered my own mom who became highly-irrational especially during her five-year battle with cancer. She didn't want to go through chemo sessions because she was in immense pain almost all the time. Thing is, she needed it to extend her life! Like the father in the video, caring for a sick mother, especially if you're the sole caregiver can sometimes be exhausting beyond anything else. It can push you to your limits. After all, you're also human, right? 

What kept me from venting out my frustration at her was the memory of when I was a little girl, suffering from asthma, she spent the night rushing to and fro just to make me feel better. She tapped my back non-stop and even prepared this bitter ampalaya extract which was really hard to do considering the situation. When all else failed, she rushed me to the hospital and never left my side until I recovered. 

How about you, what went through your mind while watching this video?


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