Tuesday, November 23, 2010

14 Day Promo by Pantene

Wanna see your hair transform in just 14 days and win Pantene Gift Packs along the way?

Join Pantene's latest challenge! Here are the mechanics lifted from their official Facebook page.

Miracles don’t happen overnight. It takes commitment to make things happen. Which is why we’d like to invite everyone in the page to make a 14 Day Commitment with us – and get a chance to win a Pantene Gift Pack after 14 Days!

How to join:
1. Like the I Commit to Change page on Facebook
2. Post a message on our wall for 14 Days straight – related to the theme, Total Care for Yourself. We’re encouraging everyone to make a 14 Day Commitment to take care of yourself.
3. The message can be anything that inspires other women to make a commitment to change. It can be a quote, an excerpt from something you’ve read, inspiring music, or even actual stories based from your own 14 Day Commitment experience. As long as you post one message every day for 14 days!
4. We will keep track of your status messages and choose the best messages posted on the 14 Day period.
5. At the end of 14 Days, we will choose the best series of status messages posted on the 14 Day period. Only entries with 14 daily messages on our wall will be eligible to join.
6. The most inspiring 14 Day entries will win a Pantene Gift Pack
7. There will be 14 Winners for every 14 Day Commitment Contest. This will be announced the week after the 14 Day period.

Make the 14 Day Commitment today and be one of the 14 winners of Pantene Gift Packs.
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