Committed To Change: Good bye Hair Fall For Good!

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I get scared when I hear the word GIF animations generator

It means that I need to give it my 100%.

I need to stick it out no matter what.

But recently I threw away my fear and committed to change.

What made me do such a thing?

I'm tired of fooling myself.

Tired of pretending that just because others don't know my secret, it doesn't really matter.

When you look at this collage, it would seem like I have the perfect hair.

Truth is, my hair is a mess!

Without my "magic" hair straightener and a variety of rather expensive hair treatments, I could never ever let my hair down!

I'm tired of straightening my hair out for 15 minutes or so just to tame my frizzy, rough and lackluster hair.

My other secret? If you use a pair of night vision goggles, you will see this wherever I go.

I'm soooo tired of hair fall!

Will I ever have the solution to my burgeoning hair problems?

In an act of desperation, I purchased the Hair Fall Control shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment to put the whole line to the test.

Who knows Pantene maybe the answer I have been waiting for all this time?

Today is the start of my 14-day Commitment Challenge.

And I'm filled with jitters.

I haven't been this nervous since the day I first anchored a news program at a "major major" TV network.

But today, I'm not looking at the teleprompter waiting for my cue.

I'm looking at the mirror, awaiting my transformation.

And so for the first time, I took on the Pantene Challenge.

If I can only put a stop to my persistent hair fall, then I would be extremely grateful.

Good morning sunshine!

I can feel that it will be a good day.

But wait.

Oh no!

Hair fall again!

What am I supposed to do?

Okay. I promised to stick it out until the 14th day, right?

Let's see if Pantene will really make good its promise of less hair fall by that time.

It's mall time!

I'm tempted to iron my hair for that silky smooth look.

But I did not.

I wanted to see if Pantene Hair Fall Control can also make my hair shine!

"Just give me a second," I told my hubby .

"I need to take snapshots before we go to the mall."

He just smiled and walked quietly to the door with our son in tow.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

The camera seemed to say shunning clichés for the rest of the photo shoot.

avatars myspace with Gickr

While reviewing the photos, I noticed that my hair seemed to shine from all angles!

It's only been three days since I first used the All New Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner.

I didn't expect that I'll have shinier hair too.

Thank God it's Sunday!

It's time to go to church!


Should I iron my hair today?

I decided not to.

I simply added Pantene Intensive Treatment to my usual regimen.

Excellent decision.

My hair feels and looks so good!

It's soft to touch and glossy too.

It's tantrum time!

And my hair suffered from my toddler's infinite wrath once again.

Unlike in previous encounters, I was able to smoothen my hair out quite easily because of less tangles.

Some things never change.

I still wear a ponytail while sitting in front of the computer.

Now, I'm watching myself sing Joey Albert's Million Miles Away from Me during one of our family karaoke night outs.

"I really hope that my dream of better hair is not a million miles away from me," I told myself.

Suddenly, it hit me!

When I removed the elastic, it slid down my hair without a glitch!

Pantene is really working double time here.

That much I can tell.

An amazing thing happened today!

I noticed that in the shower, I have less hair fall.

I can't believe it!

I colored my hair today.

Afraid that I'll experience hair fall afterwards, I smothered the intensive treatment on my hair.

After thirty minutes, I rinsed it off.

I was rather surprised to see that I didn't have that much hair fall compared to my previous hair colorings.

What a relief!

Today is my very first blogger awards event.

I prepped my hair by using a double dose of Pantene conditioner and intensive treatment.

I let it sit for thirty minutes while multi-tasking at home.

After the rinse, I was surprised that I hardly had any hair fall.

The most I got were two hair falls which was pretty amazing considering my history.

But my niece and I never arrived at the event.

Traffic that day was beyond terrible!

We went to a nearby mall instead and bonded over dinner.

I ran my hands through my hair and was surprised that I still had no significant hair fall at that moment.

My hair seems stronger too.


Today my toddler pulled my hair with vengeance a couple of times.

It was so painful!

He vented out his frustration at me because he's feeling under the weather.

pimp myspace - Gickr

Expecting to see several hair falls on his hand, I was surpised that there wasn't any.

Surprisingly, when I ran my fingers through my hair, there weren't any tangles.

I also had no hair fall at that moment.

Really amazing!

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It's Sunday.

My favorite day of the week again.

And so I used the intensive treatment lavishly on my hair as a delicious treat.

While brushing my hair, I was amazed that my brush didn't have any hair fall!

myspace graphic is done on

I can't contain my excitement.


My hair is indeed much stronger than it was before.

And I'm only on my 12th day of Pantene use!

GIF animations generator

For as long as I can remember, I've always worn a ponytail whenever I work in front of the computer.

Today is no different.

What's different is how my hair has behaved through it all.

Before, when I removed the elastic from my hair, several strands fell off.

Not today.

And it's all because of Pantene.

GIF animations generator

Two weeks ago, I took on the Pantene Challenge as my last hope to stop my intensive hair fall and to bring life back to my hair.

Before using Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner and Intensive Treatment, my hair looked like this:

After the Pantene 14-day Commitment Challenge:

See the great difference between these two sets of prints?

What's more, now I have 0 hair fall!

I really can't believe the transformation at first!

But it's so true.

I'm done pretending.

What you see is what you get.

Now my hair looks so much better because it's healthy from the inside!

I don't need other expensive treatments to maintain my healthy hair.

All I need is Pantene Hair Fall Control.

Having problems watching this video? Just click here.

Or better yet, watch it here:

Here's another version of my Hair Transformation Photo Diary featuring Kevin MacLeod's Royalty-free music.

Thanks Pantene for loving my hair every step of the way!

Now, I don't think I'll experience commitment anxieties this time around.

For I have said good bye to hair fall for good!

Blowing Kisses Smiley

This is my official entry to the 14-day Commitment Challenge with the New Pantene.