Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alone Time in Hong Kong

Travelling with a toddler in a foreign land can be both fun...

and frustrating at the same time especially during those out of this world tantrum spells!

The day before we were bound to return back home, I had a refreshingly sweet time off from full time motherhood. Oprah calls it a time to refill your emotional tank and recharge your batteries. I only had two hours of alone time before our next order of business: a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

I wasted no time at all.

Free as a bird at least for the next two hours or so, I relished every second of every minute. Just walking around kept me in high spirits. That's something I wish I could do more around Metro Manila but can't because of the traffic and pollution.

Strolling down Nathan Road was a complete delight...

...most especially when I saw my destination: Sasa. Unfortunately I was there an hour or so before its opening.

I decided to turn the situation to my advantage and looked for some place to have breakfast. I went to the nearest McDonald's...

but then again, I asked myself, do I really need to eat all this?

I walked a few blocks further and found a friendly 7-11 store managed by a delightfully competent lady with special needs. She was friendly and very reliable indeed!

Looking through the aisles of delectable goodies, I reached out for a simple breakfast combo.

A chicken and egg sandwich just the way I liked it...

and a cold, refreshingly sweet n' sour Kiwi drink.

I was so in the moment, eating and all, that I decided to take snapshots of everything new to my eyes--a definite advantage when you were the only customer at that time of day.

I was deeply fascinated by these unique flavors quite profound to my taste buds: Kyoho Grape and Cream Soda.

And was glad that familiar flavors accompanied me while having my first breakfast all by myself.

If only I was not that full, I could have tried these hot drinks...

and the renowned and bittersweet Hong Kong Style Milk Tea concoction.

After breakfast, I grabbed a glossy magazine featuring several of my favorite Asian stars as a gift to a dear friend.

Since I still had an hour or so to spare, I dashed to the nearest "tiangge" (thrift store) just to look around for some cute "pasalubong" (gifts).

I stole a shot while the other customers sorted through the racks.

It was rather amazing that I met some Filipino architects at the store. After exchanging stories about our Hong Kong trip, I managed to give my business card before our chat was over. Gosh! You can get the girl out of the confines of her business but can't get the biz out of the girl! LOL.

At around 10AM, Sasa finally opened.

And "happiness" began. A wonderful milepost to celebrate my two hour sprint to some quality alone time.

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