Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tobeyaki Pottery in Ehime (Part 2)

Tobeyaki pottery certainly made a great impression on me. Perhaps it was the fact that one of the potters who so generously taught us was a Filipina! She was Mrs. Alyne Ohigashi. She first went to Japan in 1983. Five years later, she put up her own pottery house! She became so respected in her field that's why she received the Ehime Prefectural Governor's Award at the Tobetown Cultural Festival in 1995. Here's the link to her website.

Alyne Ohigashi's Website

Tobeyaki pottery became Mrs. Ohigashi's life. To show you how much fun it is to make tobeyaki, here's a snapshot on how the ware is first molded on a wheel called "rokuro."

Actually there are still 6 steps needed before you can paint on the ware. Like what we did in this snapshot.

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