The subject of re-writing

When I saw that I committed some typos in my previous blogs, the OC in me wanted to change them immediately. Suddenly, I remembered what my former professor Ms. Che-Che Lazaro wrote in my journal-assignment. "I shouldn't re-write," she quipped. A free-flow of thoughts is much more desirable. This reminds me of the advice Prof. Forrester gave to his young prodigy, in the movie Finding Forrester. "Just write," he said, "Don't think." I guess the movie was really so powerful because during my interview as a freelance contributor at Prevention Magazine, a publication of Summit Media, even my future editor was quoting the same words to me!

Speaking of Prevention, I'd like to share with you my very first article published by a leading publishing house.

Here's the second part:

Tobeyaki Pottery in Ehime (Part 2)

Tobeyaki pottery certainly made a great impression on me. Perhaps it was the fact that one of the potters who so generously taught us was a Filipina! She was Mrs. Alyne Ohigashi. She first went to Japan in 1983. Five years later, she put up her own pottery house! She became so respected in her field that's why she received the Ehime Prefectural Governor's Award at the Tobetown Cultural Festival in 1995. Here's the link to her website.

Alyne Ohigashi's Website

Tobeyaki pottery became Mrs. Ohigashi's life. To show you how much fun it is to make tobeyaki, here's a snapshot on how the ware is first molded on a wheel called "rokuro."

Actually there are still 6 steps needed before you can paint on the ware. Like what we did in this snapshot.

My article on Ezine...

I was so happy when I found out that published my short article on Tobeyaki pottery. That was my first work published by an online site. Even though I didn't receive any financial remuneration for it, I was still glad I took the time to write it. I've always wanted to write something about my experience as a Philippine delegate to the 21st Friendship Programme by the Japan Information cooperation Agency. It happened a decade ago but I can still feel the clay in my hands while twirling the machine needed for making tobeyaki pottery.

To give you an idea on what it's all about, here's a snapshot of Tobeyaki pottery.

Here's the link to my Tobeyaki Pottery article on Enjoy reading it!

Tobeyaki Pottery by Kaye Langit-Luistro on

Happy Grandparents' Day!

It's but fitting to share this Health Today Magazine article from a couple of years back. Whenever I read it, I can't help but be grateful to my mega-patient grandmother. Mind you, I was a very precocious 7 year old. But she doted on me all the same! To this day, I can't help but smile whenever I think of her and how she let me choose my favorite candy. I guess that's a good memory to stick to. And not that one when I discovered that she has succumbed to another heart attack. Life has a way of making you cherish the person more after she's gone. Sad, but true. That's why I've been looking at her old photos lately to help me remember her quiet grace and selflessness. Traits that I truly want to learn and live by.

Read the article and start reminisching about your own lolos and lolas. Cheers!

Parenting 2 by Kaye Langit-Luistro

Re-evaluating my life

My baby boy Lance gives me so much joy. Just look at him, and you'll understand.

But when you're at home changing diapers, feeding and caring for your baby's needs 24/7, you tend to ask yourself, if you still know how to do something else. I began watching my taped newscasts, and remembered my ABS-CBN days. And then I wished that I can transfer them to DVD. Browsing through the net I came along this link: VHS to DVD Transfer

I told myself that once all my newscasts and reports have been transferred to DVD, I should upload them to and to sort of promote my stuff. As a freelancer, I need to come up with ways to generate a lot of homebased opportunities for myself.

Here's a screenshot of myself as a a newscaster.