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Monday, September 15, 2014

Take Part In Coldstone Creamery's I SCREAM MONDAY PROMO!

Rainy Days and Mondays need not get us down at all.

Coldstone Creamery Philippines gives students a special reason to be excited by offering 20% off on all its Signature Ice Creams!

Coldstone Creamery Philippines' Signature Ice Creams

You can also take these frozen delights to the next level by transforming them into Coldstone's Signature Creations.

Here's a peek at two of their bestsellers.

Cheesecake Fantasy. An exciting fusion of Cheesecake Ice Cream, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Blueberries and Strawberries served in this uniquely delish waffle bowl.

 Coldstone Creamery Philippines

Strawberry Rendezvous. Strawberry Ice Cream filled with yummy toppings: Graham Cracker Pie Crust, White Chocolate Chips, Strawberries and Banana. A definite must-try!

Coldstone Creamery Philippines

Salivating much?

I don't blame you.

Here's the guide to all things spectacular:

Coldstone Creamery Philippines

To avail of the I SCREAM MONDAY PROMO, simply present your School ID at Coldstone Creamery branch near you.

Here are the Promo Mechanics:

  1. Promo runs from September 15, 2014 to December 22, 2014.
  2. Only students with their school IDs presented may avail 20% Student Discount on Signature Ice Creams every Monday only.
  3. The student discount cannot be used in conjunction with other on-going promotions and discounts.
  4. The student discount is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-convertible to cash. 
Coldstone Creamery Philippines Hurry! 

Don't forget to bring your classmates, barkada and BFFs to make the whole Coldstone experience extra memorable.  

Coldstone Creamery Philippines

Coldstone Creamery Philippines
Coldstone Robinsons Galleria
Coldstone Serendra
Coldstone SM North Edsa
Coldstone SM Mall of Asia


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catch Amorita Resort at the 25th Themes & Motifs Wedding Expo Today At SMX MOA

Stunning Amorita Resort joins the highly-anticipated Wedding Expo Philippines put together by Themes and Motifs, regarded as the country's most prestigious wedding fair organizer.

"Soft sand, cool ocean breeze and the gorgeous sunset. Amorita is located on a scenic end of Alona beach, offering majestic views of the sea and its intimate size makes it the perfect destination wedding venue."

Having experienced Amorita Resort with the whole #fambam last year, I'm afraid I can't refute the resort's claims at all. If you've been there, I believe you feel the same way.

On that note, here's a sneak peek at picturesque Amorita Resort. 

Catching the Light at Picturesque Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

A Second Look at Picturesque Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Third Time's A Charm @ Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Sweets for Your Honey @ Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Terrific View @ Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

The whole #fambam at Picturesque Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol 

Into Saffron's Gastronomic Feast @
Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

A Glimpse of Saffron Restaurant @ Amorita

 Eating with Style at Picturesque Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Healthy Goodness @ Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Classic Hors D'Oeuvres @ Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Personal Chef anyone?
Taken @ Picturesque Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol 

Catch a glimpse of Amorita Resort tonight until 8 at booth E11 at the SMX Convention Center Manila for the 25th Wedding Expo to start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Amorita Resort
Tel. (632) 5539549 or (632) 8561443

Themes & Motifs Wedding Expo

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Get A Chance To Win 8 Giant Red Velvet Cuppies From Cupcakes By Sonja!

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes. And that's kind of the same thing." 

I can't help but snicker with delight when I first came across this quote in one of the popular social media sites. Truth is, eating cupcakes is one of my guilty pleasures. And, Cupcakes By Sonja tops my list of favorite confectioners.

Unlike other cuppies I've tasted, each baked item from CBS tastes significantly different from one another which makes for an interesting experience. At least the cuppies I've tried were far from dry and were in fact, memorably moist, with each flavor celebrating its intrinsic flavor to the core.

Cupcakes By Sonja

I'm happy to announce that Cupcakes By Sonja is turning 8 this month of September. To celebrate this milestone, CBS is raffling off  8 Giant Red Velvet Cupcakes!

 Cupcakes By Sonja

Visit any CBS store from now until September 30 and simply fill out the form at the bottom of your receipt for a chance to win a Giant Red Velvet Cupcake!

 Cupcakes By Sonja

The best thing is, there's no minimum purchase required.

Isn't that great?

Don't forget to #SpreadTheSweetness !


Cupcakes By Sonja

Cupcakes by Sonja

G/F Serendra Piazza
Bonifacio Global City
Tel. 915-29-36/856-03-08

2/F Glorietta 2 Bridgeway
Ayala Center, Makati
Tel. 625-48-84

P1 Level Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati
Tel. 949-80-46

Shangri-la Plaza
L?G East Wing Shangri-la Plaza
Tel. 955-10-73

Rustan's Fresh
G/F San Antonio Plaza
Forbes Park, Makati

Greenhills Shopping Center
G/F The Promenade Extension
Greenhills, San Juan
Tel. 463-48-20

Robinson's Galleria
2/F Robinson's Galleria
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Tel. 570-39-93

2/F Trinoma
Quezon City
Tel. 901-30-92

SM North Edsa
2/F Main Building SM North Edsa
Quezon City
Tel. 373-03-40

SM Manila
Garden Level, SM City Manila
Ermita, Manila
Tel. 353-31-12

Ayala Fairview Terraces
G/F Ayala Fairview Terraces
Quezon City
Tel. 956-89-64

SM Megamall
G/F Mega Fashion Hall
Mandaluyong City
Tel. 463-33-95

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Cupcakes By Sonja


Friday, September 12, 2014

Get the Lactobacillus Fix

Are probiotic drinks really healthy? By Kaye Langit-Luistro

        Loaded with live lactobacilli, probiotic drinks are claimed to aid digestion, thus keeping upset tummies at bay. Studies also show probiotics balance out the presence of bad bacteria in the intestines and churn out antibodies in return.

        Though established reports are still unavailable at this time, Edgardo M. Bondoc, MD, a gastroenterologist and director of the Institute of Digestive Diseases at St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City, admits that probiotics are especially helpful to those who have bacterial overgrowth, diarrhea, received a course of antibiotics, and even inflammation of the colon.

        Still, what puzzles even the most ardent of probiotic drinkers is this: how much should you consume daily? For preventive purposes, studies show that a reasonable dose would be 4 billion organisms everyday. This translates to half a container, considering the fact that most drinks have approximately 8 billion lactobacilli per 80 ml canister. But for therapeutic purposes-fighting an intestinal infection or coping with an illness- you can take between 5 and 10 billion organisms, two to three drinks a day.

Get the Lactobacillus Fix by Kaye Langit-Luistro
Prevention Magazine Philippines, 2002

        But Dr. Bondoc says you do not need to follow this guideline to the letter. The fact remains that probiotics are not miracle cures to everything that ails you.

        These products hardly have any side effects as long as you do not overindulge. Simply remember to keep probiotic drinks refrigerated between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius to keep friendly organism alive. "Just follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimum results," Dr. Bondoc advises.

Get the Lactobacillus Fix was first published on Prevention Magazine Philippines in 2002. For more articles on childcare and parenting, please go to this link.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stop Those Nosebleeds!

Five tips for first aid relief. By Kaye Langit-Luistro

        With these supposedly cooler months still searing hot on some days, it'll just be a matter of time when your little boy or girl gets a nosebleed, especially if you or other members of your family were prone to nosebleeds during your youth.

        Nosebleeds in both adults and children are caused by a number of factors including localized infections, dried nasal mucus membranes, arteriosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), high blood pressure, certain disorders that lead to bleeding of the nose (such as leukemia, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia or dengue hemorrhagic fever) and injury (nose fractures or repeated injury from constant picking.) Low humidity on days that are hot and dry can dry out the nasal cavities and also lead to nosebleeds.

        Most nosebleeds are not serious and can be stopped in 10 or 15 minutes without hospital treatment. However, if your child's nosebleed crops up every month without any substantive reason, according to pediatrician Lourdes Dolojan, MD, consult your physician right away. This will help you explore options before it truly becomes unmanageable.

Stop Those Nosebleeds by Kaye Langit-Luistro
Prevention Philippines, December 2002

For easy to follow first-aid techniques, says Dr. Dolojan, "just remember the acronym TAP-D2."

Tilt your child's head forward and not backward to avoid blocking the airway.

Apply ice packs on the side of the nose bridge to ease pain and prevent swelling.

Pinch the soft part of the nose below the nasal bone from 10 to 15 minutes.

Dash to your nearest health practitioner and seek medical attention if bleeding persists.

Do not put any nasal pack (made of sterilized gauze) in your child's nose nor allow him to pick at the clot or cough forcefully for the next 48 hours, Dr. Dolojan advises.

Stop Those Nosebleeds was first published on Prevention Magazine Philippines in December 2002. For more articles on childcare and parenting, please go to this link.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Parenting, Part 2

During my stint as a magazine writer (2002-2005), I was tasked to do a story about the plight of grandparents at the time. What I realize now is that my interviewees might have aged since its publication, but grandmas and grandpas here in the Philippines have remained pretty much the same. They still love their grandchildren to bits and dote on them to the point that they've become important figures in their grandkids' lives.

Maybe quite unheard of in other countries, is that Pinoy grandparents in particular are not only involved in childcare but are also actively contributing to their grandkids' growing financial needs. What's worth mentioning is that instead of regarding such responsibility as an unnecessary burden, Pinoy grandparents view this unusual development as an energizing factor in their old age.

This particular Pinoy tradition though has received polarizing views throughout the years, with some sectors finding it hard to understand why instead of enjoying retirement, grandparents are still beset with problems in raising their grandchildren.

Whichever school of thought you're coming from, it is undeniable that Pinoy grandparents are truly in a class all their own! It's simply amazing how they've never ceased to inspire us with their unconditional love and sacrificial giving all their lives.

Here's a second look at my article first seen on Health Today Magazinea decade since publication.

Parenting, part 2

Many seniors are taking a second turn at parenting. Here's how to perform the parenting encore with aplomb. By Kaye Langit-Luistro

        "All my worries seem to vanish whenever my 3-year old grandson calls me Lola," says Lydia, a 64-year-old retired nurse. "I'm also elated when he compliments my cooking and shares his food with me."

        Lydia is one of the approximately 75 percent of Asians over the age of 60 who have grandchildren. Most grandparents start playing this title role between 49 and 53 years. However, because of the increased teen pregnancy rate, more and more parents are becoming grandparents much, much earlier-sometimes in their 30s.

        Aside from taking care of her grandson, Lydia makes sure that her 90-year-old mother receives all the love and attention she needs. She also nurses her husband who is undergoing hemodialysis twice a week. Despite her grueling schedule, Lydia makes time to bathe her grandson and 1 year-old granddaughter almost everyday, change their clothes and even give them medicines.

        "You can't expect their nanny to do everything," she says. "If you want to be certain that everything's done right, you must do them yourself."


        Lydia makes sure her house rules are consistent with the wishes of his grandson's parents. "Anything I do with and for my grandchild, I consult first with his parents."

        Some grandparents withhold vital information about their grandchildren from the parents. Family and relationship experts, however, believe that this practice undermines the relationships among the parties concerned. This is one of the reason why a majority of parents never seem to appreciate grandparents'way of raising their children.

        Nancy doesn't keep secrets from his grandson's parents and never asks her grandson to lie for her. Grandma Celing, on the other hand, is very cautious when it comes to giving her daughter childcare and parenting advice. Instead, Celing works as a "team player," and foster openness and understanding in the family.

        Celing discovered that the bond she has with her grandchildren is very different from that between her and her children. Her advice to other grandparents: "Learn from the mistakes you made when you were raising your children and try not to make them with your grandchildren."


        Laugh a lot, have fun, says Nancy. "Don't feel embarrassed to express how happy and excited you are about being with your grandchildren."

        Plan games and activities with their parents ahead of time so that come playtime, you will not run out of ideas, advises Nancy. Lydia asks her grandson what he wants to do and gives careful thought on how appropriate the activity is to his age before they begin. Pete Galvez, coordinator of The Yogurt Company, a support group for senior citizens based in Metro Manila, found out that his two grandchildren enjoy watching stage plays and concerts.

        "Giving children choices increases their self-confidence and is a great training tool for them," says Lydia.


        Although it is difficult to turn down your grandchildren's requests, grandparents must learn to say "no" whenever necessary, Celing stresses. Children must learn the value of obedience and self control. Celing says she wants to prepare her grandchildren for the real world where wanting doesn't necessarily mean getting.

        Nancy also believes that grandparents should not use presents to win their grandparents' affections. "Gifts are more meaningful when they are unexpected." Gifts don't have to cost a lot. Research shows that "time together" is the best gift you can give to your grandchildren.

        For Celing, being a grandparent is a privilege. "It offers many of the joys of being a parent without the daily responsibilities and struggles of parenting."

Parenting, part 2 was first published on Health Today Magazine in May 2004. For more articles on childcare and parenting, please go to this link.

Happy Grandparents' Day!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kumon Philippines Offers Its Much Awaited 2-Week Free Trial Campaign This September!

With the Philippines enjoying a string of notable feats in recent International Math Competitions, students and parents alike are all the more pumped up to take advantage of a variety of after-school Math enrichment programs available today. If you're confused about whether to pursue Sakamoto Math, Singapore Math, CMA Mental Arithmetic or Kumon, then the easiest, most viable path to take, is to avail of a free trial.

You're in a for a treat, then.

For starters, Kumon Philippines will be offering a Two-Week Free Trial Campaign from September 17-30, 2014 at all Kumon Centers nationwide! To join the campaign, simply register at a Kumon Branch near you until the end of August.

During the Two-Week Trial Period, parents will first be encouraged to attend a scheduled Parent Orientation to help familiarize them with the inner workings of the Kumon Method. Kids will then undergo a Diagnostic or Placement Test to help measure their specific skill set and learning abilities. A Customized Program will then be administered to complement a child's level of readiness and learning pace.

Hurry! Register your child for a 2-Week Free Trial before slots run out.

Kumon Philippines 2-Week Free Trial
Slated From September 17-30, 2014

Kumon Philippines
Head Office: (02) 885-0226
Toll-Free: 1-800-1-888-0231



Monday, August 25, 2014

Why I'm In Love with Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel & Cleansing Gel Foam! ♪♪♪♪

Although I found Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Essence an above-average skin care product, I decided to shift to a more affordable alternative after using it all up.

It was then that I remembered being introduced to a relatively inexpensive aloe vera product from Nature Republic almost 32 weeks ago. It was hard to miss for my niece Kristina was raving about it and I couldn't quite put it down until I shared it on Instagram.

During a visit to Nature Republic a couple of months ago, I discovered that a number of their clients have also embraced NR's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as well as its other siblings from the Aloe Vera line.

Nature Republic Haul

It was rather timely not only to see the rave-worthy moisturizer but also its closest kin- a cleansing gel foam which claims to double as a make-up remover as well. I had my doubts of course, but I decided to put both the Aloe Vera cleanser and soothing gel for a test drive. After using both products for two months, here are some of my ruminations and eventual ratings.

 Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel & Cleansing Gel Foam

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

I've been quite acquainted with aloe vera or sabila in the vernacular, during my growing up years in the late seventies. Tasked with putting aloe sap on my dad's scalp to spur hair re-growth, my routine included cutting enough thorny stems to satisfy our thrice a week ritual.

If you've also found a certain affinity with the aloe plant and its derivatives, then you'll find Nature Republic's cosmetic counterpart has a much toned down scent and a less gooey texture. 

  Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (Php 245)

As a facial moisturizer, I'm rather satisfied that the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel has lived up to its name. It did soothe my dull skin beset by breakouts caused by using a popular local moisturizer. In less than a week of using the Aloe Gel, once in the morning and once at night, I was ecstatic to see my zits disappearing bit by bit. My joy was real and I can't stop being amazed by this terrific product!

Despite its zit-busting wonders however, I wasn't expecting any age-defying effects for the product itself didn't claim such things. But I did notice the fine lines on my forehead were somehow lessened and my over-all facial skin has improved its elasticity. 

When it comes to skin whitening, I did not notice any improvement at all. The tiny freckles around my cheeks were still there including the blackheads around my nose and chin.

But still, I can't help but rave about the product's versatility! It didn't only work as a facial moisturizer but a leave-on mask as well. The aloe gel also did wonders as a hair styling product if you can believe it. It made my hair a lot straighter after massaging just a teaspoonful of aloe gel into damp hair. Although it didn't make my hair shinier, the addition of a few drops of cuticle coat like Citre Shine or Vitress did the trick! 

For just Php 245 a tub, Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Gel deserves a superior rating of 4 musical notes out of 5.

Zit-busting ability      ♪♪♪♪
Soothing Effect         ♪♪♪♪
Age-defying              ♪♪
Skin-whitening          ♪♪
Versatility                  ♪♪♪♪
Affordability             ♪♪♪♪

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
♪♪♪♪  Excellent! Highly-Recommended. 

Nature Republic Cleansing Gel Foam

Skeptical might be the best word to describe my reaction when I was first told that this particular cleansing gel doubles as a make-up remover as well. If you're a make-up junkie, then most probably you've invested in a good cleansing oil for you're perfectly aware that a simple cleanser won't be enough to remove stubborn make-up.

 Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam (Php 245)

I didn't have any choice but to put my faith in this cleansing gel for I've also run out my favorite Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil. 

Once I've squeezed the gel out of the tube, its critical thickness was truly unmistakable. As I pursued to make a lather, the scent emitted was refreshingly clean and the foam, admirably thick. Although I've been told countless times that a cleanser's foam levels don't have a direct correlation to its actual cleansing properties, I still want my cleanser to be foamy. Period. 

On my first try, I was able to remove my make-up base and foundation without much effort. I can say the same thing with my mascara and eyeliner but what I wasn't able to tolerate during the process was the unbearable sting in the eyes!

Despite this glitch, I'm still willing to give Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam a well-deserved 4 musical notes out of 5 because of the following criteria:

Zit-busting ability           ♪♪♪♪
Soothing Effect             ♪♪♪♪
Cleansing Prowess         ♪♪♪♪
Sting Factor                   ♪♪
Affordability                 ♪♪♪♪

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam
♪♪♪♪  Excellent! Highly-Recommended. 

Nature Republic Philippines

SM City North Edsa, Main Building 
Phone: 921-4781

SM Megamall
Phone: 570-3450

Landmark-Trinoma Mall


Festival Mall
Phone: 822-2953

Sta. Lucia EastMall
Phone: 942-0626

Alabang Town Center (To re-open soon)

SM City Fairview (To re-open soon)
Phone: 921-3829

Fairview Terraces, Main Building 
Phone: 621-2593

Wellworth Ayala-Fairview Terraces