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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kumon Philippines Offers Its Much Awaited 2-Week Free Trial Campaign This September!

With the Philippines enjoying a string of notable feats in recent International Math Competitions, students and parents alike are all the more pumped up to take advantage of a variety of after-school Math enrichment programs available today. If you're confused about whether to pursue Sakamoto Math, Singapore Math, CMA Mental Arithmetic or Kumon, then the easiest, most viable path to take, is to avail of a free trial.

You're in a for a treat, then.

For starters, Kumon Philippines will be offering a Two-Week Free Trial Campaign from September 17-30, 2014 at all Kumon Centers nationwide! To join the campaign, simply register at a Kumon Branch near you until the end of August.

During the Two-Week Trial Period, parents will first be encouraged to attend a scheduled Parent Orientation to help familiarize them with the inner workings of the Kumon Method. Kids will then undergo a Diagnostic or Placement Test to help measure their specific skill set and learning abilities. A Customized Program will then be administered to complement a child's level of readiness and learning pace.

Hurry! Register your child for a 2-Week Free Trial before slots run out.

Kumon Philippines 2-Week Free Trial
Slated From September 17-30, 2014

Kumon Philippines
Head Office: (02) 885-0226
Toll-Free: 1-800-1-888-0231



Monday, August 25, 2014

Why I'm In Love with Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel & Cleansing Gel Foam! ♪♪♪♪

Although I found Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Essence an above-average skin care product, I decided to shift to a more affordable alternative after using it all up.

It was then that I remembered being introduced to a relatively inexpensive aloe vera product from Nature Republic almost 32 weeks ago. It was hard to miss for my niece Kristina was raving about it and I couldn't quite put it down until I shared it on Instagram.

During a visit to Nature Republic a couple of months ago, I discovered that a number of their clients have also embraced NR's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as well as its other siblings from the Aloe Vera line.

Nature Republic Haul

It was rather timely not only to see the rave-worthy moisturizer but also its closest kin- a cleansing gel foam which claims to double as a make-up remover as well. I had my doubts of course, but I decided to put both the Aloe Vera cleanser and soothing gel for a test drive. After using both products for two months, here are some of my ruminations and eventual ratings.

 Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel & Cleansing Gel Foam

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

I've been quite acquainted with aloe vera or sabila in the vernacular, during my growing up years in the late seventies. Tasked with putting aloe sap on my dad's scalp to spur hair re-growth, my routine included cutting enough thorny stems to satisfy our thrice a week ritual.

If you've also found a certain affinity with the aloe plant and its derivatives, then you'll find Nature Republic's cosmetic counterpart has a much toned down scent and a less gooey texture. 

  Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (Php 245)

As a facial moisturizer, I'm rather satisfied that the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel has lived up to its name. It did soothe my dull skin beset by breakouts caused by using a popular local moisturizer. In less than a week of using the Aloe Gel, once in the morning and once at night, I was ecstatic to see my zits disappearing bit by bit. My joy was real and I can't stop being amazed by this terrific product!

Despite its zit-busting wonders however, I wasn't expecting any age-defying effects for the product itself didn't claim such things. But I did notice the fine lines on my forehead were somehow lessened and my over-all facial skin has improved its elasticity. 

When it comes to skin whitening, I did not notice any improvement at all. The tiny freckles around my cheeks were still there including the blackheads around my nose and chin.

But still, I can't help but rave about the product's versatility! It didn't only work as a facial moisturizer but a leave-on mask as well. The aloe gel also did wonders as a hair styling product if you can believe it. It made my hair a lot straighter after massaging just a teaspoonful of aloe gel into damp hair. Although it didn't make my hair shinier, the addition of a few drops of cuticle coat like Citre Shine or Vitress did the trick! 

For just Php 245 a tub, Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Gel deserves a superior rating of 4 musical notes out of 5.

Zit-busting ability      ♪♪♪♪
Soothing Effect         ♪♪♪♪
Age-defying              ♪♪
Skin-whitening          ♪♪
Versatility                  ♪♪♪♪
Affordability             ♪♪♪♪

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
♪♪♪♪  Excellent! Highly-Recommended. 

Nature Republic Cleansing Gel Foam

Skeptical might be the best word to describe my reaction when I was first told that this particular cleansing gel doubles as a make-up remover as well. If you're a make-up junkie, then most probably you've invested in a good cleansing oil for you're perfectly aware that a simple cleanser won't be enough to remove stubborn make-up.

 Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam (Php 245)

I didn't have any choice but to put my faith in this cleansing gel for I've also run out my favorite Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil. 

Once I've squeezed the gel out of the tube, its critical thickness was truly unmistakable. As I pursued to make a lather, the scent emitted was refreshingly clean and the foam, admirably thick. Although I've been told countless times that a cleanser's foam levels don't have a direct correlation to its actual cleansing properties, I still want my cleanser to be foamy. Period. 

On my first try, I was able to remove my make-up base and foundation without much effort. I can say the same thing with my mascara and eyeliner but what I wasn't able to tolerate during the process was the unbearable sting in the eyes!

Despite this glitch, I'm still willing to give Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam a well-deserved 4 musical notes out of 5 because of the following criteria:

Zit-busting ability           ♪♪♪♪
Soothing Effect             ♪♪♪♪
Cleansing Prowess         ♪♪♪♪
Sting Factor                   ♪♪
Affordability                 ♪♪♪♪

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam
♪♪♪♪  Excellent! Highly-Recommended. 

Nature Republic Philippines

SM City North Edsa, Main Building 
Phone: 921-4781

SM Megamall
Phone: 570-3450

Landmark-Trinoma Mall


Festival Mall
Phone: 822-2953

Sta. Lucia EastMall
Phone: 942-0626

Alabang Town Center (To re-open soon)

SM City Fairview (To re-open soon)
Phone: 921-3829

Fairview Terraces, Main Building 
Phone: 621-2593

Wellworth Ayala-Fairview Terraces


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Class Suspensions For Tomorrow July 17, 2014 (#WalangPasok)

With power outages hitting the metro and nearby provinces, parents and students resort to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, for the latest announcements regarding class suspensions.

Five hours ago, the Department of Education (DepEd) has issued a list of areas where class suspensions will still be enforced due to the devastating effects of Typhoon Glenda.

Here's the #WalangPasokList for tomorrow, July 17, 2014.


In the meantime, ABS-CBN has mentioned certain schools, colleges and universities that have declared a similar announcement with some institutions extending class suspensions until Friday, July 18.


DepEd Philippines


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Of Maestro Fernando Sena's Art Workshop For Kids & Other Fun Sessions Inside UP Diliman

A couple of months before our Boracay escapade and Tutapel's Summer Workshops, my family and I have already spent a considerable amount of time hanging out at UP Diliman, mainly for Tutapel's grueling Twenty-two 1 hour tutorial sessions.

"UP Naming Mahal" in full bloom during the summer!

Although things didn't turn out the way we wanted them to be, we were still immensely thankful for a number of reasons:

1st:   Tutapel became a confident Tagalog speaker in about three months since he started. 
2nd:  We found out that he had difficulty in comprehending classifications, and in turn, started addressing this issue more aggressively. 
3rd:  We also discovered that he was very good in sequencing and patterns which somehow signified his natural inclination toward Reading and Math. 
4th:   We got the chance to tour Tutapel around our alma mater while telling him stories about my college life and his Tita Nene's as well as his Dada's journey through Graduate School. 
5th:    We were able to have a hearty serving of Rodic's signature Tapsilog dish to our hearts' content. :-)

Rodic's Diner inside UP Shopping Center

Lastly, I discovered what looked like five note-worthy workshops regularly conducted inside the UP Diliman campus at certain times of the year.

Here are they:

Offered all year long, the UP CMEP offers Recorder lessons for kids as young as 5 years old to develop skills in note-reading, ear-training and musicality. If you are interested in studying other types of instruments and specializations, please click this.


Offered every summer to 5 year olds to incoming Grade 3 kids, participants will be trained in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Arts, Music & Movement sort of in the UPIS (UP Integrated School)-way since most UPIS teachers come from UP Educ.

University of the Philippines Diliman


Great for those looking for an affordable yet competitive summer program for preschool kids.

University of the Philippines Diliman


An impressive workshop done every summer with regular tutorials to boot, kids will be immersed in the beauty of drawing, painting, sculpture and crafts.

University of the Philippines Diliman


My newest mommy friend who lives inside the campus once told me that renowned painter Maestro Fernando Sena holds regular workshops set all year round at the UP Vargas Museum.

Geared toward kids (as young as 6) and adults alike, students will learn fundamentals in Drawing and Painting, Still Life, Portraiture, Landscape, Seascape. 

Maestro Fernando Sena Holds Mid-Year Art Workshops For Kids &Adults 
at the UP Vargas Museum inside UP Diliman


Fernando B. Sena 2014 Art Workshop
Workshop Fee:
Php 4000 ( 8 Sessions)
Php   800 ( Materials )  
Phone: 928-1927 and look for Mr. John or Ms. Linda 
Phone: 376-2196 or 0918-951-9989 (Mr. Sena)
Kids At Art

Kalinga Daycare Center

UP College of Education
Phone: 981-8500 local 2821

UP College of Music Extension Program


Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Making Things Happen" Anthem Lives On Even With The Culmination of The 2014 McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop!

Summer maybe officially over but the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Vision of "Making Things Happen" lives on!

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 
at the World Trade Center Manila

It was my son's first time to join the Kiddie Crew and attend the Grand Graduation as well. The culminating event was designed primarily to be a mini-fair of impressive proportions unequalled to this day, by rival fast food franchises.

Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

Upon entering the World Trade Center Manila, we saw several life-sized standees not only of our fave McDo characters but also an array of our beloved community helpers. At first, we were clueless about their presence but later during the programme itself, we understood the reason why.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

To my son's surprise, I gave him a pop quiz about the standees' names in both English and Filipino. He  happily indulged his mother for a while before he ran to his fave, that of a soldier or "sundalo" in the vernacular.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 
at the World Trade Center Manila

Though the obstacle course lasted for only a few seconds, clearly it was Tutapel's fave booth in the fair. (For better quality, please switch to 720 HD by clicking the gear button).

The fairlike quality of the Mcdo Kiddie Crew Graduation reminded me a lot of the EH Pink Fair organized by Korean cosmetic giant, Etude House, a few years back.

Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

For obvious reasons, McDonald's passed up the pink theme in favor of its signature red, yellow and orange colors. (Stars over you. Mama said, Papa said, I love you!) Smiling Smiley Face

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

As a typical six year-old boy overflowing with boundless energy, Tutapel had a blast with the inflatable bounce house!

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

A number of companies were there to promote specific products geared towards school-aged kids.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

When I heard that our fave book publisher Adarna House was also present at the event, my son and I searched high and low; but to no avail. Oh My Smiley

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

Several minutes before the programme, we seated ourselves near the entrance while hubby Bala and my nephew Chix exchanged our meal vouchers.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

A few minutes after, the room became pitch-black and the stage started glowing in hues of red and blue signalling the start of the programme. (For better quality, please switch to 720 HD by clicking the gear button).

Right after this Cirque de Soleil-Let It Go inspired production number, Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco gave an equally impressive performance alongside a plethora of talented dancers.

Still a few minutes later, Ms. Jackie introduced his co-host for the duration of the event, popular Broadcast Journalist, Atom Araullo.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

As a fitting development, Ronald McDonald went on stage and exchanged a cycle of friendly banter with the hosts as well as the rest of the McDo gang.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

Film/TV actress, Ms. Dimples Romana was also called in to share with the public how much her daughter enjoyed being part of the 2014 McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop. 

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

At one point, live acts of the community helpers took center stage so that they can share with the kids, about their specific job description.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

For instance, Madam Teacher gave a spelling lesson using some McDonald's products as reference.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014
 at the World Trade Center Manila

Mr. Fireman on the other hand, explained the necessity of water, in putting out fires.

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 
at the World Trade Center Manila

Into the second hour, I felt that I needed to grab something refreshing, that's why I turned to McDo's Signature McFloat for the answer. Smiling Smiley Face The rest of the fam wanted the same sugar rush so I returned to the pop-up store to get a couple more drinks. 

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

Aside from all the fun and excitement at the Grand Graduation, my son was also able to claim his free McDonald's Card which entitles him to some freebies and entrance passes to Quarterly Club Activities.  

 Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila

My son's short stint at the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop  exposed him to the values of TEAMWORK, RESPONSIBILITY, DISCIPLINE, HARDWORK AND SHARING-all presented in a FUN way!

We can all agree that as the school year starts to unfold, our children need to apply these same principles all the more. And if SERVICE is at the heart of things, then "THEY CAN REALLY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN." Smiling Smiley Face Smiling Smiley Face Smiling Smiley Face

"As we gather here today 
We make our pledge 
To serve others, to be the best.

Let nothing bring us down
Always say we can!

Let the whole world know
We're gonna make things happen."

                                                                -"Make Things Happen"
                                                             McDonald's Kiddie Crew Anthem

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop